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Managing a business requires that you save every single penny for it to grow. The human resources function is known by many business managers to consume chunks of funds every year. PEOs or professional employment organizations are services seeking to alleviate this headache. Their groups of specialists have the expertise to guide you in running your HR department and share some of the employer’s responsibilities.

Moreover, they will provide your staff with competitive benefits to motivate and encourage them to stay. Below is a closer look at the benefits you can expect from hiring a PEO company like digital exits:

Employee’s benefits:

In light of today’s high cost of getting by, many employees are now opting for lower paying jobs with better benefits for them and their dependents. A PEO’s main objective is to ensure that your employees get the best comprehensive benefits available without the expensive and regulatory issues. PEOs are co-employers, which gives them the ability to bring your employee’s PEO-sponsored plans including medical, dental and optical coverage with flexible spending accounts, and disability and life benefits.

Retirement plans:

A PEO can give your employees access to a robust retirement plan including a 401(k) plan. This is especially useful to small businesses that may not be able to avail these incentives. When seeking out a PEO, be sure to inquire on a 401(k) plan that allows for compensation deferment for retirement in addition to employer matching. The PEO not only gives them access to a 401(k) but also handles the administrative and legal requirements and the required notices.

HR law compliance:

The laws that regulate Human Resources are complicated, and not keeping up with them can cost you massive fines for failing to comply. PEOs have experts in the HR field that will help you remain abreast of any new changes and avoid non-compliance. To avoid hefty fines and a ruined corporate image, you must comply with wage equity, sick time policies, and compensation payments which vary across different states.


Lawsuits are a business and PR’s worst nightmares, and you may have to deal with the aftermath of one. Employer’s liabilities and release agreements are your business’ most vulnerable point, and with a PEO as your employment partner, they share in liability resulting in employment-related claims. Most PEOs have HR specialists with the expertise to help you both avoid public and costly settlements. However, their advice is not a substitute for legal counsel.


Looking for new talent for your team and filing up vacancies can be hectic and cumbersome. Getting the right candidate, according to the Society for Human Resource Management can take up to 42 days, and you may not have that time. You can work with staffing firms for employee leasing or a good PEO that provides recruitment services. They leverage their access to recruitment networks to find applicants, then screen through the list to give you a selection of the most exceptional candidates.


PEOs will provide you with the peace of mind you need to run your business effectively. They take care of risks and costs of benefits, thus helping your business become attractive to new talent.

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