University academic standards are significantly higher than the ones students are accustomed to in high school. Not only are students expected to hand in work of the utmost quality and professionalism, but also to cope and deliver a much larger amount of assignments at the same time; something that can result incredibly stressful and overwhelming for students.

For this reason, contacting an essay writing company to help distribute and lessen the workload is an excellent option that students have considered. On the other hand, it is important to differentiate between a good and a mediocre essay writing service.

An example of a writing service is free sample papers. This post will tell you why opting for these types of services are not the best option, and which alternatives will give you the best results.

What are Free Samples?

Free sample essays are basically academic papers that are available on the Internet. There is no real way to know who the authors for these papers are, but students are most attracted to downloading these essays because they are free. In times of struggle and despair, downloading free academic papers that can be delivered in no time is something very appealing to students.

Cons of Free Sample Papers:

Poor Quality:

As it has been mentioned before, it is unlikely to know who the authors of these papers are. On the other hand, the probabilities of these essays being written by amateur writers or unprofessional authors are very high. Therefore, the quality of these works is questionable, and evidently not up to the standards that universities require.

In a lot of cases, since the writers are underqualified, the topics and content of the essays are often immature and childish. Don’t let the absence of having to pay a fee intimidate you! In these cases, you truly do get what you pay for. Remember that in exchange for a fee, adequate essay writing services like promise to deliver excellent results.


Free sample essays are pre-written, available for an unlimited amount of people, and are uploaded on the Internet. Universities have intricate programs and IT departments that are highly capable of detecting plagiarism in students’ essays.

It can even the overall percentage of plagiarism in an essay. The fact that these free sample essays are available online raises the chances of them getting picked up in the plagiarism-checking programs used at universities.

Getting accused of plagiarism is treated very seriously at university levels; in the worst of cases, students may be expelled and may have trouble when wanting to apply to other universities. For this reason, students are highly encouraged not to use free sample essays.

Restrictive Topics:

Since these essays are pre-written, you will not be able to make any requirements or demands on them. This means that the essays you find online may not meet whatever your assignment is meant to include; so if you do end up handing one in, it would risk missing a lot of important information.

In this case, you would have to add the information and any other missing content in yourself, but then it would just be easier for you to write the entire essay and spare you the other disadvantages of free sample essays.

Academically Limiting:

Choosing a sample essay paper can also limit your creativity and you’re learning abilities. Particularly when asked to write about any subject, opting for a pre-written essay abolishes your chance of developing your academic abilities and creativity at thinking of something to write about. Instead of taking it as an opportunity to find out more about your own interests, you would be settling for someone else’s; a situation you want would definitely want to stay away from.

Reasons to Hire Someone to Get Your Essay Written:

For the reasons stated above, free sample essays are not advised. On the other hand, hiring a proper essay writing service will provide you with the results you want and need. Such services offer not only include writing a whole academic essay.

Editing and proofreading services consist of professional writers checking and making sure that everything you’re writing is grammatically correct, structured, and coherent. Such editings are quite important before serving.

Conducting research assistance means that experts will gather data and relevant resources for you to use when you’re writing your essay. It will be extremely helpful to make your essay is cultured and enriched by a number of different perspectives.

Universities require you to employ certain types of referencing systems such as APA, Harvard, MLA, etc. Essay writing companies will help you construct referencing systems appropriately in the correct formats.

Hopefully, this article gives you a better idea about why opting for free sample papers is not the best idea. Remember that when it comes to considering essay writing companies, you definitely get what you pay for.

If you get an essay for free, you are likely to receive a mediocre and risky piece of writing that could produce extremely unfavorable consequences for your academic future such as expulsion or suspension.

Therefore, choosing a professional custom writing service to pay someone to have your essay written according to your requirements is a great solution for each student who wants to succeed in education. It is definitely the safer and most efficient option. Good luck, and remember to choose wisely!

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