What should you pay attention to before buying stocks?

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There is no doubt that the stock market remains one of the most popular forms of investment for many. Whether you trade independently as a career or simply invest some spare money as a hobby, you may be among the many millions who put their money into companies listed on the global stock exchanges. With the global stock markets being worth around $80tn and the two biggest US ones accounting for 39% of that total, putting money into shares remains popular.

What do you need to think about before investing in a company’s stocks?

Key things to consider:

As with anything in life, you need to know what you are doing before jumping in and buying shares in a business. Doing this will mean that you have more winning trades in the long term and make a good return on the investments you make.

Here are some essential stock market tips to know about before you buy:

  • Research – the best place to start before making any purchases is with research. This should be both into any companies that may be worth investing in and also the latest stock market news. In essence, you are buying shares in a company to profit when the company does well and the share price rises. The only way to make a confident prediction here is to look at the company’s past performance and current data. News also has a big effect on how the markets move and will influence your decision-making when buying shares. Finding the most knowledgeable information online each day is key so that you can be aware of any news that may have an impact.


  • Price – there are two main reasons to think carefully about the price that the stock is trading at if you think the company is worth investing in. The first is that it will tell you how many stocks you can buy. The second is that it will tell you if the stock is of good value. If the price is lower than you would expect or you think it will go up over time, then this is a sign to buy.


  • Dividends Dividends are cash payments that companies can choose to give to investors if they have accumulated enough profits. These can be a good source of income on your initial outlay, even if the stock price itself goes down! Look for companies that have a history of giving regular dividends out to investors.


  • Past history – it must be said that past performance does not guarantee future returns. However, it can certainly give you a good idea of what may happen next. Check out how the stock you are interested in has fared over the last 12 months. If the current price is at the top end, then it might not be worth investing now as it is unlikely to rise much.

Look before you leap:

People love investing in the stock market because it is so exciting. However, do not let this eagerness make you buy stocks in a company without checking out the above. Taking the right steps before you buy is key to getting great-value stocks that should go up over time.

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