How to Create the Perfect Video for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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Crowdfunding Campaign

Video is one of the key elements of a successful crowdfunding campaign. It helps you connect on a deeper level with your potential backers. Data shows that Kickstarter campaigns with videos receive more funding than those without videos (up to 50%).

Indiegogo brings similar positive stats for campaigns with video content. To be more exact, these offerings brought four times more funding compared to those without video content. These exciting numbers lead us to one question: How to create a video for your campaign?

You should distinguish between good enough and excellent video content. Creating a video where a guy walks around with the product and shows its benefits it’s old-fashioned already. Your video should emphasize your customer’s pain points, and why your solution is unique. To achieve this, all the elements of a video must be coordinated with each other.

Scripting Your Company Message

Scripting Your Company Message

Getting your main message on a script is the first step towards creating a great video for your campaign. And this doesn’t mean anyone can get their hands into it. Just because you’re the founder and know the product well doesn’t mean you are able to write a good video script.

Hire copywriters who are able to structure compelling and attention-grabbing scripts for your video campaigns. The video should cover your elevator pitch and present your product or service directly without losing the attention of the viewer.

Elements that are essential to your video:

  • A clear introduction
  • Company’s background story and the initial idea
  • Compelling CTAs for contributing to your campaign, explaining investment use and investors rewards
  • Trigger their emotions with a gesture of appreciation

Produce a High-Quality Video

Produce a High-Quality Video

After you’re done creating a captivating video script it’s time to record it. This step is important because a low-quality and poorly performed video doesn’t deliver the message. So, what are some elements to note down during production?

Have a Clear Sound

Usually, users click on a campaign and play the video while reading into the page. If the audio is not clear, they’re likely to lose interest and click away. Ensure the voice is loud enough and the intonation used matches the script instructions. Also, clean the video from background noises such as wind and cars passing. Deliver a clear presentation and don’t forget to appear enthusiastic.

The Visual Representation

Your video must have enough lighting so that objects and people are recognized clearly. Filmmakers suggest that the main speaker should stay at a 45 degrees angle to avoid a blurry and cluttered image. Also, the speaker should be on one of the sides for post-production to add words and graphics more easily if needed.

Comply with Copyrights Laws

You don’t want your video to receive copyright strikes and cause you problems in the middle of a campaign. For this, you should remove brand logos from video frames and put a sound that is not copyrighted. Be careful because even logos on shirts and electronic devices cause problems. Keep it original and avoid showing brands accidentally.

As Kickstarter states on its own policies, you could get sued for using copyrighted materials. Instead, use materials allowed for public use besides creating the majority of them yourself. Soundcloud and Vimeo have great copyright-free music for background use.

Give It a KISS

Keep It Short and Simple. If viewers see a long 18 minutes video when they hit play, they will either exit after the first minutes or skip through its main parts. You don’t want that to happen, therefore keep your video within the limits suggested by experts, 2 to 3 minutes.

Microsoft Marketing surveys found that the attention span of users has shortened to 8 seconds. This means, if your introduction isn’t short and catchy you may lose your potential investors in less than the snap of your fingers.

Remember that this video is a short pitch, not a tedious presentation. The written copy has to do the heavy lifting when it comes to explaining the product or service in detail. The video is to capture viewers from bouncing off the page and getting them interested in knowing more.

Lastly, you can take the help of a Wefunder marketing agency to create and promote your crowdfunding campaign.

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