India is an emerging market and does know which financial product gives a maximum return in an emerging economy? If you say Stocks or equity, then you have hit the bull’s eye.

In an emerging market like India, there is too much growth potential waiting for the upcoming future and as we know a country’s future depends on its growth. As long the growth is there the Indian Stock market is going to shoot up like anything and it is obvious that in the future the gainer will be those who are investing in this market.

But the major problem is we are not so aware with this so-called Stock market or equity market right? Maybe it is because of lack of knowledge or bad experience or maybe we listen too much from others.

It is time to react, it is time to learn and it is time to invest.

In this article, we will be discussing an application which will not only help you to learn about share or equity market it will also help you to find out potential stocks where you can make money by investing or trading.

Stock Edge application contains several important features which are pretty much essential for every level of investor and trader. If you are a stock market enthusiast, then it is the must-have application.

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StockEdge is an analytical software and it works with end of the Day’s (EOD) data. So when you take any investment or trading decisions, price fluctuations and market uncertainty do not bother you too much.

Please go through the full article and try the application at least once to understand that making money in the stock market is really not so difficult.

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Let’s discuss its feature one by one.

There are two main screens in this application. The first one to track the entire market and the second one is a customizable section which helps a user to find out stocks, managing your portfolio, your targets etc.

The first part is named as ‘Home’ section and the other section is called ‘My StockEdge’.

The home section contains News, FIIs and DIIs data, Sectors tracking, Investors tracking, latest IPOs, Bulk and Block deals etc.

We will explore them one by one.

StockEdge Club

Daily updates:

This section contains news and this news are related to market and related to stocks. If there any major announcement happens related to market or the stock, this is also displayed here.

Daily updates section helps a user to stay updated in the market and if you are a news-based trader then this section is going to help you the most.

Daily updates


Stocks section is used to search stocks. Just type the name of the stock you want to track and you will get every necessary detail about the stock.

You can see the chart of that stock, check deliveries, shareholding pattern, Future OI, Company fundamentals, and many more interesting things.


FII/DII activity:

This one is one of the key features of the Stock Edge application. FII and DII activity tracks down Foreign portfolio investor and Domestic Institutional Investor’s activity in the Indian market. How much they are investing and divesting.

A user can track their activity on daily basis as well as a monthly and yearly basis. In this tab there are two types of data are available one CM provisional and another one is CM SEBI. CM provisional data are provided by the brokerage house so their accuracy level is not so high but CM SEBI data are provided by SEBI itself and they are backed by FII custodians.

FII/DII activity


Scan section helps a user to find out potential candidate for trading and investment. Here a user defines his/her criterion by selecting any below-shown conditions and based on this, the application finds out stocks.

There are multiple types of scans are available for instance –

  • Technical Scans
  • Fundamental Scans
  • Futures Scans etc.



In the Sector tab stocks are segmented based on their sector. For Example, ITC will come under the FMCG sector, Maruti will be on the list of Automobile and Ancillaries sector. Not only the are segmented based on their industry, but they are also subcategorized depending on the nature of their business. For example, the chemical sector has six different types of the segment-

  • Pesticides and Agrochemicals
  • Paints
  • Fertilizers
  • Dyes and Pigments
  • Carbon black and
  • Chemicals

So this categorization not only helps a user to find out stocks based on their mother sector it also pins point the actual industry of that stock. In contrary, you can also see stocks by typing its industry’s name.



In the Investor area, a user can search and see the holding of an investor along with the transactions just by typing their name.

By selecting their name, a user can see the Bulk transaction, block transactions and the holdings of that investor.

If you are a clone trader or investor, then this section is going to help you the most.



As the name suggests the Learn section is purely for learning. First you ‘Learn’ then remove the ‘L’. This quote goes very much with the stock market.

Before you invest your hard earned money, invest your time in learning so that you can stay ahead in the market and become a successful investor or trader.

In the learning section, we have touched every corner of the market. From basic to advance you will get your every needful content related to the stock market in this section.



IPO section is the latest addition. In the IPO section, there are three different categories – Upcoming, Ongoing and Listed. As their name suggests the ‘Upcoming’ tab shows the latest IPO or IPOs which are going to be listed soon.

By tapping on any IPO a user can check the company’s Sector, Industry, website and other important information related to IPO.

In the ‘Ongoing’ section we can see for the IPOs which are in a phase of listing. We can also check the important detail by tapping on any company in this section.

The same thing goes for the ‘Listed section’ but this section only shows the IPO which have been listed earlier.




If any bulk or block deals take place in the market it will come under the ‘Deals’ section. Deals section has three different categories which are Bulk, Block and Insider.

The bulk deal is a transaction where 0.5% of a company shares are either bought or sold. These type transactions come under the Bulk deal section.
The Block deal shows the transaction where 5,00,000 shares or minimum value 5crores are traded in a single transaction and these deals are listed in the Block deal section.

The Insider tab shows only the legal insider transaction which is taking place in companies.



To track market indices and their performance we can take the help of the Indices tab. By selecting any indices, we can see its chart, Stocks under this sector, open interest, updates related to this sector and many more thing.


There are some other tabs are also present in the ‘Home’ tab which are tutorials of the Stock Edge application, Support tab etc.

Let’s discuss the other section of this section which is My StockEdge tab. As we mentioned earlier this section is totally customizable and this section is for personal research which helps a user to find out potential investment and trading candidates.

My watch list:

This section let you make the different list of stocks which we want to track. You can set the different name for each list and we can create up to 50 watch lists, containing 50 stocks per watch list.

In every watch list, there are multiple tabs present which showcase the scans, news, updates, and deals related to that stocks which are being tracked by the user in that particular watch list.

My watch list

My investor group:

This one is the most favorite among the StockEdge user. In the Investor Group section, you can search for your favorite investor and track their market activities like what they are buying or selling. Is not it amazing?

We can create 50 different watch lists and each watch list can contain 100 names. Now, this may have stuck to your mind why 100 names. It is simply because an investor may invest through his/her wife’s/ husband’s name, through its child or company. So what StockEdge does, when we type any investor’s name it comes up with the different combination of that name, for example, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, a list of names comes of the investors, who have Rakesh or Jhunjhunwala in their name.

My investor group

My Scans:

There are many scans available in StockEdge such as price scans, technical scans, fundamental scans, delivery and volume scans, options and future scans which can help us to filter out stocks according to these parameters. We can also add these scans which we regularly use in “My Scans” tab. We can add up to 50 scans.

My Scans

Combination Scans:

Now we can also create a combination scans and create our own strategy to filter out stocks. We can create a combination of scans using fundamental, technical, price, candlesticks, volume and delivery, options and futures scans and at the end of the day a list of stocks which fulfill these parameters.

Combination Scans

My Targets:

We can also add target alerts for stocks in the StockEdge application. But to do this we have to select any stock from the stocks tab (Home screen) and there we will find add target button on the upper ribbon. From there we can select the target for any stock and we can also set the reminder by adding the description.

These targets will appear on the ‘My targets’ tab (My StockEdge).

My Targets

Bottom line:

This was an overview of the StockEdge application. There are many features present in the application which are worth to watch. In the StockEdge application, there are also some paid features available which actually gives a user an edge over the others trader or Investor If you are thinking about trading and investment or want to learn and make money from the market, this is the must-have application.

We also run a club called StockEdge club, it is a paid feature. In this club, we share Stock Ideas, knowledge, personal thoughts related to market or stocks.

Install the application at least once believe it or not it will change your market perspective and will help you to become a professional trader or Investor.

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