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Should you outsource your data entry (Info-graphic)

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read August 9, 2017 Last Updated on: February 24th, 2020


In today’s advanced technological world where data and information is now deemed as the most important asset, a data entry management program is one of the most important aspect that should be prioritized by any company—if not the most important. In fact, The Economist published an article proving how data replaced oil as the most valuable asset in the global economy, and whoever has it will prevail. Did you know that in 2020, a total of 40 zettabytes are expected to be generated and created?

Many experts believe that if one company is successful enough in gathering, collecting, and processing data and information in an efficient and accurate scheme will definitely lead to new and bigger opportunities for your business.

But, whoever who has tried to do this task can’t deny that indeed, it is an extremely-time consuming, tedious, and meticulous job. Be it compiling customer information or collecting data for trend analysis, still, someone has to do it—even if it means getting a third party, outsourced company to do this for you.

This is why data-intensive industries like retail, accounting, finance, manufacturing, medical and telecommunications, regularly outsource this particular task to outsourcing agencies in order to retain focus on more important tasks and maintain their overall productivity. Because of the demand, more and more data entry management companies are offering their services, with the promise of delivery to its utmost quality and reliability.

If your company is still debating whether acquiring the services of these types of companies is the best way to go, let this infographic by Global Outsourcing shed some light on some pros and cons of third party data entry management programs and companies, by presenting to you the five questions you should ask yourself  before outsourcing your data entry jobs to an offshore outsourcing firm today. Does your company really need it?

Should you outsource your data entry (Info-graphic)?Data entry-Info-graphic



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