The world of digital is developing, the number of tasks is increasing, but the day does not become longer. It would seem that all the theories of time management and time management for the marketer are known. There are cool services, task trackers, synchronization of calendars, and all devices. But deadlines are still burning; dates get pushed back, projects fail...

How does this happen if you've read all the "effective efficiency" books? The thing is, reading isn't enough; you need to implement what you've read like Kate Powers, co-founder of the legendary Stars'N Bars did.

1.“The Pomodoro” Method

This time management method was invented by Francesco Cirillo. During his studies at the institute, he had problems with his academic performance. To remedy the situation, Francesco used a normal kitchen timer in the form of a tomato. He divided up his time ("tomatoes" after the timer) in order to concentrate as much as possible and not to be distracted by other things.

The Essence Of The Method

This time management allocates a period of time in which we will be most productive with the task and not be distracted by anything. Evaluate your strength and determine the optimal interval for yourself: 25, 30, or 40 minutes. 

Be sure to rest for 5-10 minutes between these intervals, and when you have worked off four tomatoes, take a break of 30 minutes. During this time, do what you want: open Instagram or have a coffee.

The "Pomodoro" technique is suitable for those whose work has almost no spontaneous external influences: phone calls, visitors, or sudden tasks.

If you are preparing an offer for a client and are not distracted by instant messengers or coffee, it takes 40 minutes to think through the key sections and theses of the presentation. Rest for 10 minutes - and then add to the presentation explanations, pictures. 

So each interval will pass with maximum benefit, and for 3, tomatoes will be ready for an excellent commercial proposal.

The more such tomato intervals per day you made, the closer to success.

"Pomodoro" is a popular time management technique. You can find many special applications or extensions on the Internet, where the user prescribes tasks and sets comfortable time intervals for themselves.

2."Eat Frog For Breakfast"

Don't worry, you don't have to eat anything or anyone. Here a "frog" is a time management task that you don't want to do for a variety of reasons - it may be time-consuming, tedious, or you just don't like it.

The Essence Of The Method

Develop the habit of doing the tasks you don't like first. Thinking about them constantly distracts you from your work and hangs "a stone on your neck". So once you get rid of them, you'll feel free and empowered to do new tasks for time management.

How To Implement

Make a list of tasks for the day. Highlight the ones that make you feel discouraged, exhale and start doing them. 

Time Management For The Marketer - General Guidelines

Time Management For The Marketer - General Guidelines

It is not necessary to choose a particular method and strictly stick to it. It is enough to remember the universal rules of time management:

  • Combine techniques and look for an approach that is convenient for you. All methods perfectly complement each other. 
  • The key to success is a systematic approach. Only then will time management yield results. If you make a matrix or work by "tomatoes", do it regularly. Methods don't work once a month.
  • Don't make plans months in advance. A little to-do list for the day or week is much closer to reality than beautiful endless entries in your best diary.
  • And most importantly: we always think we'll get things done quickly and well, but we really don't! Watch your deadlines, don't promise too much, and consider the risks.
  • Time management for a marketer is first and foremost a habit that needs to be developed. Find your way, try different approaches. The more comfortable these approaches are, the easier it is to keep track of time and tasks.


Time management is the first step to excel in your professional life. So when you are running your own business or searching for any job. Everywhere the proper time management strategies are helping you to climb up the corporate ladders. For the marketer, it is compulsory because every day you have to go through the race to keep in the competitions.

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