Men’s Style Tips: How to Carry Long Wallet

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You should always carry a wallet with style because it is an accessory that is part of your wardrobe. Be organized and never sloppy. Stuffing wads of cash inches thick send the message that you may be off to a place where married men shouldn’t go to give tips here and there. A thick wallet is also uncomfortable to wear and creates an unsightly bulge on your pocket. Ideally, you should carry a slim wallet with only your most essential items.

Carry only the Cash You Need:

Stuffing and gorging your wallet with cash never looks attractive. Aside from the unsightly look, you will wear down your wallet at a fast rate if you are stuffing it with more cash. The material can get malformed resulting in a deformed looking wallet in just a few months of use. Remember to only carry along cash you will be actually using.

Things to Carry in Your Wallet:

Your wallet is a receptacle for all your important items. Remember to keep only essential items. Things you can put in your wallet include identification, credit cards, business cards, photos, and just enough cash. Identification cards should be kept to a minimum. Put only the important IDs like driver’s license and company ID. Carry a maximum of 2-3 credit cards, and do choose your best cards which give you the best options. Do not put in the credit cards you rarely use. Business cards should always be in your wallet at all times. You need it for those chance occasions when you need to make an important connection. Photos of loved ones are also essential since they inspire you throughout your day.

Don’t Put this on Your Wallet:

You may be tempted to put random stuff on your wallet that may or may not be as important as the ones we’ve mentioned. Keep them out so the next time you have to use your wallet, such as a busy grocery line, you will do so with ease and less fuss. As a rule, keep discount, club membership, library, and medical cards at home. Carry these items only when you are going to actually use them. Keep your social security ID at home in a safe place unless you are going to use it for something important. A controversial item you may have been putting on your wallet all this time are condoms. Carrying condoms on your wallet only damages them. A better way is to stash your condoms in your vehicle.

Have the Right Kind of Wallet for the Right Kind of Job:

Your needs will dictate the kind of wallet you will need on the job. If an individual is traveling, for example, you may need to bring along a passport wallet aside from your everyday wallet. If you are in a formal environment remember that leather wallets are dressier than synthetic material and darker leather exudes a more luxurious look.

 Billfolds are a Classic Choice:

Billfolds can be a bi-fold or a tri-fold. The available space in a billfold is enough to carry all the important items mentioned here. Billfolds are attractive and functional and there is a wide range of choices from named brands to lesser known brands that have good quality as well.

Slim Wallets Don’t Cramp Your Style:

Slim wallets give you the chance to trim down further to a few essentials the items in your wallet. They also look super sleek and attractive. Slim wallets are great to wear with pants because it is not bulky and won’t ruin your look.


Wallets are your accessory and you should think of its style and functionality as with the rest of your wardrobe. Keep only the essentials to keep from having a bulky and overstuffed wallet. A trim wallet keeps its look for years to come plus it can save you from a few headaches trying to get out your all-important credit card when you are in a hurry.

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