Types Of Baju Muslimah – Which Is Your Favourite?

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Baju muslimah

Baju Muslimah is a term used for the clothing worn by women at religious events and daily activities. As one of the Muslim countries in the world, Malaysia has its own term to name various types of Muslim clothing for both men and women. When you are a modern woman going out for work or study, the formal Baju Muslimah dress is the best choice for you.

Along with the nice trendy look, you will get a modest, comfortable gesture. In a word, it is simple, pretty, and smart. Baju Muslimah traditional dresses are no longer just traditional dresses. This is becoming the day-to-day working outfit for modern-day women.

4 Types Of Smart Baju Muslimah Clothing In Malaysia

4 Types Of Smart Baju Muslimah Clothing In Malaysia

In 2021 the comfort and style are getting the maximum priority. For modern Malaysian Women, modern, comfortable, but traditional outfits are the best choices.

Here are the four types of Baju Muslimah clothing in Malaysia. Choose according to your style.

1. Kaftan

Kaftan is a type of clothing that looks like a robe with lace decoration on the sides and on the neck. This Baju Muslimah has a distinctive feature on the wide sleeves, such as elongated bat wings covering the sleeves without seams. 

Kaftan can be used to attend formal or non -formal events such as recitations or attend weddings. Initially, the kaftan was designed for men to protect the body in daily activities. But with the development of time, these clothes are used to complement women’s fashion trends

Previously, the kaftan was created with a simple design by applying only one color and a monotonous design, and the kaftan was then developed by applying lace and flowers.

2. Abaya

Abaya is a Baju Muslimah that is often used for certain events such as study, fasting, and Eid. The design of the abaya is relatively sleek compared to the kaftan. There are two models of the abaya, namely A-Line and Umbrella Line. 

The typical color of the abaya is black. Initially, the abaya came with a very simple model with a straight silhouette and was designed in black, without lace, without sequins, without embroidery and motifs. 

But over time, abaya designs become very diverse by not changing the characteristics of the abaya itself by adding lace accents, patterns, and sequins.

3. Gown/Gamis

Gown or Gamis is a Baju Muslimah worn by both women and men with a straight style from shoulder to toe. The hallmark of this Muslim dress is long and loose. The robe has a variety of colors and models without losing its distinctive features. 

The robe is made from various fabric materials such as cotton, chiffon, Balotelli, Wolly crepe, and others. Gamis starts from the Arabic word called Qhamis or means clothing. In Indonesia, it is usually called Gamis, which is a long and loose dress. 

This dress is used by Muslims and Muslimah, which in some areas is called a robe. In the Middle East, it is commonly called Thobe, which means simple clothes.

4. Tunic

The tunic is a Baju Muslimah that is usually worn by women with loose models that are up to the hips or above the knees. The tunic is an English word for the tunic or loose clothing. Originally this dress was used by Ancient Greek society. Ancient tunics have a one-color model coupled with belt accessories typical of the Ancient Roman nation. 

Over time, this type of clothing has produced many models and is much in demand by women. Now there are various types of tunic models such as plain model, tunic model with folds at the bottom, motif tunic, knee-length model, asymmetrical tunic.

Baju Muslimah is traditional clothing. But when you are styling the outfit with the right ornament and the decorative hijab, the whole attire will look more modern and pretty. Avoid heavy beading clothing. Instead of heavy beading, wear the ornaments.


The decorative brooch and the ornaments like silver or gold necklace or the minimum ornamental look are adding more points to your whole dress up. The modern woman means you have to use minimum ornaments and modern dress-up. But all time, the conventional hijab style with modern Baju Muslimah is always looking more smart and trendy.

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