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How To Make The Most Out Of Laundry Day Outing (And Have Fun)?

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Laundry Day Outing

The day has come. You are enjoying the last bit of that Sunday afternoon nap, but suddenly your phone rings or someone knocks on your door. You are being summoned to do laundry.

The first thing to do is find the best laundry service by searching for “fluff and fold near me.” You can take it to the best laundromat near you to hire a weekly laundry pick-up and delivery service.

Make The Most Out Of Laundry Day Outing

The next thing you might ask yourself before going to a laundromat is what you should take with you. This article will discuss some items that may help you out on your trip.

1. Easily Accessible Shoes

If you stay at the laundromat, it would be wise to consider bringing another pair of shoes than what is on your current feet (namely, dirty tennis shoes).

Plus, if the facility has an abundance of chairs close together with notable(s) to put your things on, then putting down some barrier between your clothes and the floor may be helpful.

Lastly, if you’re using one of those hanging hampers instead of just dumping all your stuff into one basket-like container, your shoes will have to be put somewhere, so it’s best if they are not on the ground.

2. A Bag For Dirty Clothes

Going to a laundromat means that you’ll probably be washing different articles of clothing than what is in your wardrobe right now, which brings up the point that you should bring a bag for dirty laundry.

This bag should be easily accessible and ideally can also hold dry items other than just dirty clothes. If this was an emergency call-up instead of just a regular looming laundry day outing, then you can do many things.

3. Take A Book

If you stay at the laundromat while your clothes are being washed or dried, consider bringing something with you to read while waiting.

It might get boring hanging around mostly naked people all day. On another note, consider bringing a book that can be easily read in the dark (such as an e-reader or tablet with pre-downloaded books).

4. Carry A Drink And A Cup

If you stay at the laundromat while your clothes are washed, then bring a drink. If you’re not staying but plan on coming back later in the day/night, consider bringing a water bottle instead so that it doesn’t have to be refilled often if there isn’t self-serve soda around.

5. An External Battery

The problem with bringing a drink is that you do not want to keep going up/down from your chair(s) constantly to get more drinks from the soda machine if it doesn’t have a self-serve.

Plus, what if it gets too late and you can’t go out for a drink? That’s where an external battery will come in handy! You may charge one of your many electronic devices while simultaneously having a constant supply of power until you leave the laundromat (or return).

6. A Bag Or Container For Laundry 

Bringing dirty clothes back means that they need to be put into something.

If you’re going to take your clothes home with you, then this is the perfect opportunity to use that laundromat-provided mesh bag that all their machines have. If you’re not bringing it back with you, then consider bringing a one-gallon ziplock bag for each person whose clothes are being done.

7. A Pencil

If you are given access to a laundromat before others through some keycard/code/whatever system these places seem to have now, then eventually, someone will come in after you and require access.

Carrying a pencil is helpful if there is something to write on where they can fill out their information should the need arise. It is also recommended you carry an ID proof because the service may need something for identification.

Check for “fluff and fold near me” to find the nearest laundry services. The websites will give you information on whether you will have to fill out forms.

The items may or may not help to depend upon what laundromat you go to. But regardless, having a bag for dirty clothes is a good idea no matter what. Bags will keep your fresh and dirty clothes from mixing.

Final Thoughts

Bring your dirty clothes in a bag, bring some snacks and drinks, an e-reader or tablet, an external battery of at least one amp, so phones will charge faster, and optionally if you can write, then bring something to write with. Don’t forget the tokens!

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