What Your Dreams Tell You about Your Soul

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We all dream, but very few dreams are remembered. It is the nightmare that is most feared. When
we wake up at night wet with sweat, we can still remember what the dream was about. Sometimes
we get a little scared and fear that the dream may become real. But dreams are messengers of your
lower consciousness. They show you what is burdening you or what is being repressed. And dreams
can also reflect your wishes, hopes, and goals. For this reason, it is worthwhile to study his dreams in
more detail.

Why is it good to analyze your dreams?

Anyone who wakes up every night because they had a bad dream not only sleeps badly but also has
mental stress. This not only stresses the body, but also the soul. Professional dream interpreters can
help you understand your dreams. If it is a message from your subconscious mind, this information is
worth looking at. Because then you will be able to get to the bottom of the cause of your dreams.
Maybe it’s about a decision you’ve wanted to make for a long time, but kept postponing. Or you’re in
an unhealthy relationship that only brings you grief. If you know what it is, you can do something
about it.

Experiences that have been suppressed

Those who do not process their experiences suppress them. On the surface, the subject is done for
you. But deep inside there is still the information. In your subconscious are the things that you don’t
want to hear about. Perhaps because they seem difficult to you or you have no strength to concern
with them.

Even knowledge of something that you are carrying with you can make itself felt in a dream. Have
you seen anything and don’t want to talk about it? Do you carry a heavy burden with you and try to
dispel it? In the dream, these images keep appearing that remind you of it? As you can see, it is not
that easy to suppress something that wants to surface. It is better if you take all your courage and
deal with the subject. Only then will your dreams on this matter stop.

Decisions that are not made

You actually know that you haven’t wanted to be in this relationship for a long time. But you lack the
strength and motivation to part. You are unhappy, but your blockages too strong to do anything
about it? Your soul wants to give you a hint that it’s better if you go through with it. If your dream is
always about the fact that your partner is no longer in your life, that is a very clear sign. But other
decisions that should be made and are constantly postponed can also be reflected in dreams. This
also applies to professional changes or a move to another city. Dreams indicate that it is time to get
involved with these things.

Conscience and guilt

Conflicts of conscience such as a breach of trust can also be expressed in a dream. Have you cheated
someone to whom you have given your absolute loyalty? Now your conscience plagues you and your
dream points it out to you. Just as the ballast of a feeling of guilt can be expressed in the form of a
dream. What guilt have you put on yourself? If you want to get rid of these feelings, you should
concern with a solution to the topic. Sometimes it helps by apologizing, showing remorse, or
forgiving yourself.

Fears arise in the dream

Of course, fears are also classics when it comes to dreaming interpretation. Most of the time it is feared
that you are not aware of it. If your husband takes a job in another city, you take it for granted that you
go with him. First of all, you are not afraid of it at all, but consider it a rational decision.
But your dreams tell you something else. It is possible that you will develop anxiety the closer you get
to moving day. The worry of not making friends or not feeling comfortable in the new place of
residence can be interpreted in dream analysis. But worrying about starting over in a strange place
can be enough to stir up unconscious fears.

Fears of a possible professional future can also be reflected. For example, if you’re self-employed and
want to stay that way, dreams of being an employee correspond to the fear that plagues you.
Perhaps you already know this life and reject it. The thought of having to return to this construct stirs
up fears that are reflected in the dream. Such dreams often take place when the existence of
independence appears to be in jeopardy.

How are dreams interpreted?

There are different ways of dreaming. Not every dream is a message from the subconscious. But the
interpreter of dreams knows the dream variants and can tell you what kind of dream you have
dreamed. Messages from the subconscious are less perceived as a clear story. Most of the time,
metaphors are also involved, which stand for a certain energetic force or a person. This makes it
difficult for a layperson to interpret the dream himself. Confusing stories, mystical scenes, and people
that you cannot clearly recognize are part of it.

Do you have to worry if you dream a lot?

Anyone who dreams a lot and can also remember the dreams is perhaps in a personal process of
upheaval in which a lot has to be processed. That doesn’t necessarily have to be seen as a negative
experience. But it does suggest that you are deeply preoccupied with or even stirred up by things.
Those who let the dream interpret can better understand themselves and their deeply hidden fears,
desires, insecurities, or conflicts. And whoever manages to tackle these worries or even eliminate
them will certainly become more balanced on the inside. Such a dream analysis can also be helpful
and provide inspiration for decisions that need to be made. See your dreams as information from
your soul and subconscious.

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