Arranging for a memorable funeral service isn't easy. Several details and documents must be taken care of before, during, and after the interment. It can be overwhelming because of the number of things to do.

Grieving families must receive the requisite assistance from the funeral homes they partnered with for the service. They can coordinate with professional funeral directors in Leeds who have extensive experience and expertise to provide families with suitable services at the right cost. 

On the other hand, one of the highlights of a funeral service is the eulogy. A eulogy is a speech delivered by a speaker to memorialize the deceased’s life.

It can be one of the most difficult things to write, especially if the departed is a close relation. Eulogies seek to praise the person who passed away and uplift the spirits of the surviving family members. 

Here is an overview of how to write and deliver a memorable eulogy.

1. Focus on happy moments

funeral wake

A funeral wake is already an emotionally-charged gathering. There is no use in burdening the audience with retelling sad moments about the deceased.

It will be better to stick with an unforgettable and pleasant moment to anchor the eulogy. This will help the family members with an opportunity for catharsis as they realize how well-loved the departed was. 

2. Keep it short and sweet

While there’s no time limit for delivering a eulogy, it’s still best to keep it as short and sweet as possible. Try to feel the audience to ensure they’re comfortable listening to the speech. Remember that the eulogy is only one part of the service. Although it can be poignant and emotionally riveting, keeping the eulogy simple is the best way to do so.  

3. Have the audience in mind

secrets of a memorable eulogy

One of the secrets of a memorable eulogy is keeping the audience in mind when writing the speech. Empathize with the people and try to comfort them as much as possible. Try not to utter offending statements and be mindful of the people in attendance. A person who can adapt the speech based on the audience can shift gears, so to speak, to ensure they touch as many hearts as possible. 

4. Engage The Audience

One of the best things a eulogist can do is engage the audience. Engage the people listening by looking them in the eye, speaking slowly, and making them feel the message. It may be difficult to do, as the speaker may be close to choking themselves, but it is bound to make the service memorable. 

5. Wear appropriate clothes

Clothes for funeral

A funeral wake isn't a fashion runway, so it's necessary to wear appropriate clothing to the event. Determine what is considered reasonable based on the cultural and religious background of the family.

Wear white or black to be safe, but nowadays, muted colors such as blue, and grey are also accepted. Don't wear flashy prints because they will distract other people’s attention. 


Writing and delivering a eulogy can be challenging because it can be emotionally draining. However, a eulogy must be delivered properly to uplift the spirits of the surviving family members.

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