No matter what type of dirt bike you have and no matter how old it is, as a rider you would want your motorcycle to last as long as possible and your bike to run well. You want your bike to be always in tip-top shape. However, some riders are guilty of not performing some of the routine maintenance jobs that are simple on their trusty steeds.

Three Most Overlooked Maintenance Jobs for Dirt Bikes

When you want your old dirt bikes to give you optimal performance, you might consider a more complicated maintenance job such as a top-end or bottom-end rebuild. These types of jobs should be left handled by expert bike mechanics. However, there are simple maintenance jobs that any rider can do to keep their bikes and bike Accessories running smoothly but are often overlooked.

maintenance jobs

When it comes to routine maintenance, responsible riders know to regularly change their oil, oil filters, and air filters. That is a must. However, there are other simple routine jobs that you must also do regularly. Here are five of them.

Greasing pivot and linkage points

It is vital to regularly lubricate the pivot points of your bike to allow you to handle your turns smoothly. Pivot points include your bike’s linkage, shocks, swing arm, and steering stem. Scan through your service manual to check for recommendations on how often these pivot points should be greased.


Remember that dirt bikes are ridden across the dirt. So after just a few hours of riding, dirt and grime may build up around the seals of your pivot and linkage points. If these gunk and dirt get to pass through the seals, then it may dry up the grease in your bearings and ultimately ruin your bearings. When this happens, your bike will not perform well and will not be safe to ride. So keep your pivot points clean from dirt and grease them regularly. Online bike accessories stores offer a lot of dirt bike grease to choose from.

Lubricating your cables

lubricating your bikes

One of the regular maintenance jobs that you can do on your bike is to lubricate your cables. Over time your clutch or brake cables may get clogged with dirt from riding. When this happens, your brake and clutch may pull a little harder than when they were new. You can lube your cables quickly by having the right tools and bike accessories such as a cable luber and a high-quality lubricant.

Checking your spokes

Always remember to check if your spokes are tightened and torqued properly. So that you can be sure that your wheel is true. When you do this regularly, your wheels are going to last for a long time. One best practice is to check your spoke tension before and after every ride. Do this for all your spokes. Your service manual will give you the recommended torque specifications for your spokes so that they will not be too tight or too loose that they affect your wheels’ performance. If you are a regular rider, it will be a worthwhile investment for you to include a truing stand. A torque wrench in your arsenal of bike accessories that you can use regularly.

When you perform simple maintenance jobs on your dirt bikes. Make sure that you have the proper tools for the job and always consult your bike’s service manual. When you show your trusty steed some love, you feel your steed loving you back with a reward of a good ride.

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