Today, millennials are much more conscious of the environment. Right from stationery to clothing and travel, they choose options that are more environmentally friendly. When purchasing their own vehicle, young adults will often choose an electric car or an electric bike over a fuel-run vehicle.

Electric vehicles are proven to reduce maintenance costs, increase the efficiency of the vehicle, and support the cause of protecting the environment. Hence, the increased demand for electric vehicles.

Financing an electric vehicle can be arranged with the help of a personal loan or a used car loan, where used car loan interest rates are generally lower amongst the unsecured loans. While financing can be taken care of, proper maintenance of your vehicle is your own responsibility. Let’s look into some simple car maintenance tips for an electric vehicle.

Monsoon Care

Generally, India witnesses a good monsoon every year. Some parts of India, especially near the coasts, receive very heavy rainfall as compared to the interiors.
Electric vehicles need special care during the monsoons. For instance, you must always park your car in a dry area and cover it with a car cover. Besides, charge the vehicle battery in a dry area to minimize the chances of a short circuit.

Battery Maintenance

In an electric vehicle, the basic function shifts from a fuel-run engine to an electrically chargeable battery. Hence, it is important to understand how to use the battery and how to charge it.
First of all, charge your electric vehicle with a certified charger or at an authorized charging station. This step goes a long way in increasing the battery life of your electric vehicle. Saving some bucks by charging the battery at unauthorized charging stations or with cheap chargers could reduce the life of your vehicle.

First-timers often tend to overcharge the vehicle batteries. Sometimes, they even opt for rapid battery charging. This, unfortunately, works against the life of the battery. Rapid charging should be left for emergencies only and should not be opted for every time. As an alternative, you can install battery chargers at your home and charge the vehicle overnight at a normal pace. Installing a charger at home is particularly beneficial in non-metro cities and towns where families prefer to have their own two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Tyre Maintenance

Like any other vehicle, the tyres of electric vehicles need maintenance. Tyres bear the substantial weight of the car and its occupants. Hence, it is critical to maintaining the correct air pressure in the tyres. Rotating the tyres regularly also helps to maintain their health.
Sometimes, you may notice that the tyre alignment may have changed due to uneven roads or a minor brush with another vehicle. It is then time to take your electric vehicle to a professional for a proper alignment of tyres.

Maintenance Of Other Fittings

Though the battery and the tyres are very essential for an electric vehicle; it has other parts too which need maintenance. For example, the brakes of the vehicle must be checked regularly. In case of any problem with the brakes, the vehicle should be immediately taken to the service station. Likewise, the motor controller, which acts as the brain of the vehicle and controls all other functions like battery, accelerator, and brakes, must be maintained regularly. Here, one should seek help from professional service stations to get the best quality services for the motor controller.


Needless to say, owning a vehicle is a dream for many. Many families may opt for a second-hand electric vehicle in good condition. The used car loan EMI calculator helps to make sound financial decisions. You can check your used car loan eligibility and EMIs payable over a fixed tenure.

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