A Guide to Vehicular Parts with NSN

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Businesses that specialize in selling NSN parts provide customers with vast inventories, searchable by NSN. This abbreviation stands for NATO or National Stock Number, which is a numeric code of thirteen digits used to identify standardized items of supply in NATO countries. 

The first four digits of NSN codes refer to the supply group the item belongs to, such as tires and tubes, vehicular equipment components, railway equipment, and many others. 

A Guide to Vehicular Parts with NSN3:

A Guide to Vehicular Parts with NSN3:

The following guide will introduce you to the most popular vehicular parts NSN categories in detail.

i). Tires and tubes:

Federal Supply Group (FSG) 26, known as tires and tubes, consists of tubes and pneumatic tires for a variety of vehicles, tire repairing, and rebuilding materials, as well as solid and cushion tires. It includes tires for aircraft vehicles and passenger vehicles, trailers, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, construction, and warehouse vehicles, except for railway. 

For instance, Federal Supply Code (FSC) 2610, named tires and tubes, pneumatic, except aircraft, refers to all the pneumatic tire and tube parts for non-aircraft vehicles.  The inner core of these pneumatic tires is filled with air under pressure. Pneumatic tires and tubes for aircraft are listed under FSC 2620. 

Moreover, FSC 2630 includes solid and cushion tires. The former is used for carts, trailers, and light industrial vehicles, whereas the latter is used for forklifts. In terms of material, solid tires are made of solid plastic and rubber components. 

Conversely, cushion tires are made from solid but smooth rubber, which is secured around a metal band. Even though these are low maintenance and more affordable, they fail to offer the same traction as pneumatic tires. Rubber track laying treads are also included in FSC 2630. Click here to discover how tire traction works. 

FSC 2640 is related to tire rebuilding and repair materials, referring to the items used in the repair of tires and tubes. These materials include friction cord fabric, thread gum, cold patches, tube repair kits, paddings tock, quick-cure gum, camelback, vulcanizing patches, valve cores, and valves. Nevertheless, bear in mind that FSC 2640 includes no vulcanizing machinery and equipment listed under FSC 3620. 

ii). Ground effect and motor vehicles, trailers, and cycles:

Federal Supply Group 23 consists of the largest part of ground effect and passenger motor vehicles, motorized cycles and scooters, combat vehicles, trailers, and trailer chassis, except for semitrailers, tractors, and firefighting conveyances. This supply group is comprised of chassis and complete vehicles, not end items, parts, assemblies, accessories, and assemblies related to them, which are included in FSG 25. 

FSC 2305 refers to Ground Effect Vehicles, which rely on the ground effect to maintain flight above a particular surface. Consequently, it fails to incorporate conveyances that don’t use the ground effect, such as hovercraft, seaplanes, and hydrofoils. Hovercraft is covered in FSG 15, while hydrofoils are covered in FSG 19. 

Passenger motor vehicles and chassis are incorporated in FSC 2310. This code includes buses, cars, ambulances, hearses, and their chassis. Nevertheless, FSC 2310 incorporates no truck chassis or personnel carriers. The following link,, provided an explanation about five types of car chassis.

Conversely, truck and truck tractors are covered in FSC 2320, which involves complete truck tractors, wheel-mounted trucks, and complete chassis. It refers to administrative, military cargo trucks, delivery and pickup trucks, armored cars, trailer combinations, etc. This code, however, includes no fire or construction trucks, as well as those used in hangers, airfields, and warehouses. 

FSC 2330, on the other hand, includes complete trailers and chassis, such as semitrailers, cargo trailers, passenger and house trailers, and ammunitions. It incorporates no equipment components, warehouse trailers, or firefighting-related trailers. In contrast, FSC 2340 covers complete motor scooters, complete motorcycles, bicycles, sidecars, and tricycles. 

iii). Vehicular equipment components:

Vehicular equipment components are listed under FSC 25, referring to the components of passenger, construction, and warehouse vehicles, trucks, trailers, tractors, and motorcycles but not those of railway, aircraft, and watercraft conveyances. 

FSC 2510 refers to vehicular cab body and frame structural components like insulation panels, body panels, door hatches, grilles, doors, shock absorbers, leaf-type vehicular springs, and suspension-type shock absorbers. It incorporates neither vehicular hardware nor vehicular furniture. The former is categorized in FSG 22, whereas the latter under FSC 2540. 

Federal Supply Code 2520 incorporates vehicular power transmission components like clutch assemblies, transfer transmission assemblies, propeller shafts, universal joints, power takeoffs, etc. It doesn’t include components for aircraft, watercraft, and railway vehicles, which fall under FSG 16, 20, and 22, respectively. 

FSC 2530 is known under the name vehicular brake, steering, axle, wheel, and track components. These components refer to clutch brakes, tank turrets, and turret brakes. Railway, aircraft, and watercraft components are excluded from this category. 

iv). Railway equipment:

Railway equipment is included in FSG 22, comprising locomotives, rail cars, locomotive and rail car accessories, right-of-way construction and railroad maintenance equipment, and railroad truck material. FSC 2210 includes diesel-electric locomotives, diesel-mechanical locomotives, compressor modification kits, roller bearing modification kits, etc. Conversely, code 2220 incorporates flat railway cars, tank railway cars, depressed center flat railway cars, flat railway cars, kitchen railway cars, gondola railway cars, etc. 

Furthermore, code 2230 is reserved for right-of-way construction and maintenance equipment. It covers ballast regulators, pneumatic railway tamping machines, diesel-mechanical locomotive cranes, gasoline engine rail drilling machine, gasoline engine truck wrench, power-driven rail sawing machine, pushes railway snowplow, railway tie remover, railway construction set, and others. 

Code 2240 refers to locomotive and rail car accessories and components. It’s comprised of air brake valves, diagonal braces, wiper blades, discharge valves, brake valves, couplet pocket, railway journal box, fork rods, vacuum valve assembly, fan shaft assembly, brake cylinder assembly, relay emergency valves, vent protectors, control valves, compressor intercooler, front fork rod, rear fork rod, rod sleeve, etc. 

To sum up:

Make sure you choose the right NSN military parts vendor that has an extensive inventory of items to buy! This is the best guide to vehicular parts with NSN in detail that you must know in 2021. Besides, if you have any doubts, you can mention them in the comment section below!

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