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With so many skincare brands cropping up online and in-stores, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all brand anymore. Do you need light, all-natural yoga skincare products that keep up with your active lifestyle? What about targeted support for clearing up acne or decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles? Whether you’re honing in on specific conditions or you’re looking for day-to-day moisturizers or toners, it’s always worth it to look for your favorite skincare products like Stemuderm with quality ingredients.

Here are a few that leading beauty brands are using in their most popular products.

Alpha hydroxy acids :

Alpha hydroxy acids are found naturally in citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and grapefruit. On the labels of skincare products, they are typically identified as sugar cane extract, malic acid, triple fruit acid, lactic acid, or glycolic acid. For the best results, try to find products with levels of alpha-hydroxy acids at or less than 10 percent.

These acids work like magic in a number of ways. They clean out dead skin cells and pores, and also help naturally peel away damaged skin to make way for new, refreshed layers of skin beneath, fighting, and smoothing wrinkles. In addition to this, alpha hydroxy acids can correct for sun damage and discoloration by reducing melanin, a pigment that can darken parts of your skin in response to sunlight absorption.

Even if none of these specific benefits fit your needs, body oils, and serum preferences, this ingredient will still help advance any of your skincare goals. These acids help make your other skincare products more effective by clearing your pores and the surface of your skin for better absorption and intake of beneficial nutrients and ingredients.


Glutathione :


Glutathione has many of the same positive effects on the skin as alpha-hydroxy acids. It can help prevent or repair wrinkles, as well as correct sun-inflicted skin discoloration. The glutathione ingredient is particularly perfect for those looking to start anew, as it is the perfect treatment for acne scars typically left by cystic acne. Glutathione achieves this by evening out red spots with its cleansing and color-correcting powers.

Its cleansing effects help prevent acne to start with, but also help heal what acne leaves behind. Glutathione is typically identified by its name on product labels and is available and effective in a range of forms that includes topical creams, facial cleansers, peeling pads, face masks, and even pills.

Collagen :

Collagen is an amino acid best known for being essential to healthy hair, though it’s also crucial to skincare. It helps repair the outer layers of skin that naturally thin and lose elasticity as a person ages, preventing and healing wrinkles and aging as a result. Collagen also helps to address excessively dry skin, providing hydration and moisture that is requisite to fighting wrinkles.

Collagen is key to smooth, healthy skin. You’re most likely to find it in the form of sheet masks or rub-on facial gels, but in either form, you’ll experience its soothing, cooling effects, all while treating your skin. In addition to facial products, find full-body serums, oils, or creams with collagen for smoother, healthier skin all-around.

Coconut oil :

Like collagen, coconut oil helps nourish the outer layers of the skin, promoting elasticity and fighting wrinkles. In addition to this, coconut oil has a host of other crucial benefits, such as deep cleansing, removing dead skin cells, hydration, and even minor sun protection. Coconut oil, in moderation, is also beneficial when used in food. In turn, a balanced diet can contribute to healthier skin.

Tea tree oil :

As an anti-breakout essential for those with oily skin, tea tree oil is perfect for fighting acne and inflamed skin in general. Whereas acidic acne treatments can have harsh effects on the skin, tea tree oil cleanses by fighting harmful bacteria in the skin with none of the adverse effects of more harmful treatments.

Tea tree oil is most effective when applied directly to the skin, making it a popular DIY home remedy for acne that you could easily prepare for yourself.

Raw honey :

Raw honey is another ingredient that naturally fights breakouts and acne, in addition to helping heal rashes and scars. Like tea tree oil, it’s perfect for sensitive skin. It’s widely available in its natural form, and because of its natural antibacterial qualities, it’s another perfect DIY skincare staple.

For the best effects, you can spread it raw on your face, allow it to sit, and then wash it off with warm water within 10 minutes.

The Best Ingredients :

So, there you have it! With this round-up of essential skincare ingredients, you should be armed with a bit more knowledge on which ingredients can give you a clear, glowing complexion. Whether you’re looking for age-defying support or a bit of clarity in your routine, always do your research when you’re trying new ingredients in your favorite skincare and beauty products.

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