Makeup is an important part of our lives. Whether it is a casual day, a formal event, or a special day,  makeup is what we women never forget. Makeup is one's partner for looking good enough and helps us fit in. It is applied using different styles, different products, different palettes, and different shades. Foundations, eyeliners, eyeshadows, lipsticks, contour, highlighters, and blush applications have different techniques taught through videos, content, and courses all across the world. These teachings include the use of different kinds of makeups like plain brush makeup, sponge makeup, and finger makeup. We are here to update you on Airbrush makeup to improve the way you put on makeup.

Before we head into discussing the actual makeup processes, it is very important to first understand where can you buy makeup from. Given that there are so many restrictions in different parts of the world because of the pandemic, buying makeup online seems to be a great option. However, it should be pointed out that you should not be purchasing makeup blindly from just about any online platform. You need to do your research, see the kind of brands that an e-commerce platform is stocking, look for benefits in terms of discounts and then proceed accordingly. This is why most consumers who buy makeup online prefer the Luvo Store.

You do not need to work with a stylist or go to a parlour to have the best possible makeup. With so many credible brands, platforms, and social media to help you, everyone can be their own makeup personnel. Whether you are looking for the best eyelash extension supplies or foundation applications, you can always look at some of the top companies and order from them online. You can then see a YouTube video of one of your favorite beauty influencers and create a DIY makeup routine, right from the comfort of your home.

Airbrush makeup includes an airbrush through which makeup is sprayed. The device consists of a powered compressor, a hose, and a metal trigger-actioned gun, all for a better spray flow and pattern. The pressure of the airbrush can be altered by changing the pressure according to the place where the makeup is being applied and the kind of effect one requires. Usually, this setup is applied for industrial use but smaller home use systems are available as well. Air brush makeup is encouraged to be used for sunless tanning, bridal makeups, theatre, and film makeups but using it personally is easy and effective as well. It can be used by men as well for five o’clock shadows. Traditional makeup gives a cakey look while this looks more natural and smooth if applied properly. For HD videos air brush makeup is the best option as other makeups settle on wrinkles and in pores which is visible on-screen clearly. It appears as droplets and gives an unclear look.

Airbrush makeup comes in different formulas and you can choose the one that suits your skin best. Water-based formula has ingredients dissolved in water while polymer water-based has polymers, water, and pigment mixed well which gives a nice and continuous coating. Polymer alcohol-based has alcohol present which works best for the drying property of the makeup. Alcohol-based makeup is used for tattoos that are temporary. Silicone-based Airbrush makeup has the property of thin coverage and long-lasting effect. Airbrush makeup keeps up with the look and does not fade. It is usually removed with the help of isopropyl alcohol.

Airbrush makeup users have the advantage of a free hand, the pressure is altered for different effects, and distance is managed for coverage. For applying foundation usually, circular motions are used by the experts while for other coverage dual-action or single-action may be used. By dual-action technique, the pressure can be controlled by depressing the trigger, the more the trigger is pressed more the makeup is released. By using the single-action technique, one has the advantage of ease because when the trigger is pressed a fixed ratio of makeup is released and different levels of layering nozzles have to be changed.

For maximum hygiene, the cleanliness of the Airbrush is necessary. Firstly, one has to use an appropriate cleaning solution for the right kind of formula used for makeup. Then, drops of the cleaning solution are poured into the cup. A cotton swab or a small brush is used to get the liquid all around the cup and then the solution is sprayed on a tissue or a pot at the end. Many Airbrush makeup kits come with respirators to assure your safety as the material is a little toxic and smells like paint.

Using the best airbrush makeup kits:

Airbrush makeup look depends on how much of an amazing formula you choose to use and how good your kit is. If you use the best airbrush makeup kits, it gives the finest look due to the spraying. A thin and light layer of makeup is applicable making it almost unnoticeable. It makes the skin look flawless. Waterproof formulas are available thus making it last longer. This makeup never gives a cakey look and is suitable for all skin types as it is hypoallergenic. Last but not least as hygiene is an important factor. Airbrush makeup is more hygienic than other makeup equipment. It has the least contact with the skin and is easily sanitized if required.

Airbrush makeup has some cons as well, especially if poor quality makeup and formulas are used. It can be flaky sometimes if your skin is dry as the formulas are waterproof.  It is hard to blend and reapply if it flakes off. This problem will not occur if the makeup was sprayed and dried properly. There are not so many choices of shades and it is difficult to find the right foundation shade sometimes. This is an expensive procedure as well and is not as cost-effective as other makeups are.

The fact is, even though the best kits are expensive, they give the finest look!

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