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Learn Arabic in a Snap with the Best Arabic Language Apps

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Arabic Language

I’ve been wanting to learn the Arabic language so I can speak to my in-laws without a language barrier. I wasn’t exactly sure how to start – if I should go the more traditional route with books, or potentially try to learn Arabic online with special software – but my wife recommended I check out apps; it’s how she learned a lot of her English. During the process of browsing the internet for potential apps, I came across a website and its list of the best apps for learning Arabic, which I’ll link below.

Best 10 Apps for Learning Arabic

At first, I was a bit wary, thinking it was too convenient and too good to be true, but after trying a handful of the apps, I am so excited that my Arabic has been drastically improving. I’ve even been able to hold a small Arabic conversation with my father-in-law. It wasn’t anything drastic, but I could tell he was impressed that I’m learning and we enjoyed our small chat. Using these apps to learn and perfect my Arabic skills have been incredibly helpful, so I knew I needed to share my favorites with you!

Access a Variety of Arabic Phrases with Learn Arabic:

Learn Arabic

Learn Arabic is an Arabic phrasebook app, which is not only great for learning basic phrases, but it will also be extremely useful for you if you plan to travel to countries where Arabic is spoken. You have the ability to listen to audio recordings made by a native Arabic speaker in order to practice the pronunciation of words and phrases as they should be. Plus, the app is available offline, so it will work no matter where you travel. And, if you come across something you don’t know how to say, you can play voice recordings for people in order to communicate.

Just know that because this app is a phrasebook, it’s not going to offer you the same level of tutelage that an app with language lessons would. It’s designed to be more of a companion piece that you can use alongside other lessons or when traveling.

Read Fun Stories in Arabic with Beelinguapp:

Beelinguapp lets you read your favorite fairy tales, novels, and short stories in Arabic along with your native language, side by side. I never thought that I could learn another language just by reading folktales, but it really is extremely effective. What’s really nice about it is that you always have your language, something familiar, to refer back to if you need help with a translation. There are also audiobooks so you can listen to stories in Arabic. As you listen, the handy “karaoke” feature lets you follow along with the text you can read in both Arabic and your native language.

Beelinguapp is free to use but I will say that its most popular stories are only accessible after making an in-app purchase. You can absolutely stick with just the free texts, that’s completely up to you, but if you are willing to invest a bit more in your language learning, you may want to know there is another option.

Achieve a Strong, Basic Understanding of Arabic with Mango Languages:

Studying with Mango Languages is insane because you can choose from over 70 other languages to learn as well. I, obviously, use the app for just Arabic, but it’s nice to know I have more options if I desire. I’ve really enjoyed this app because it’s perfect for understanding the basics of Arabic in a limited amount of time. I’ve been able to get a further understanding of the language by using its helpful audio pronunciations in order to make my accent sound more authentic when speaking Arabic; something my father-in-law (who is a native Arabic speaker) complimented me on.

I have noticed while perusing through the app’s reviews, some people enjoy Mango Languages’ teaching style while others think that the multiple choice questions are not challenging enough. As someone who is still a beginner in terms of learning Arabic, I can’t fully comment on this, but I can say that – as a beginner – I haven’t thought the lessons to be too hard or too easy; I think there is a good amount of challenge in them. But that’s, obviously, my own opinion, so you may want to try it to find out for yourself.


I am so happy to have found these incredible apps and I really can’t believe how helpful and influential they’ve already been. As a first time second-language-learner, I was really worried that I would try and fail miserably to learn Arabic, but these apps have made the entire experience both rewarding and fun. If you’re trying to learn Arabic but not sure where to start, I cannot recommend these apps enough.

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