6 Unique Tips To Make Your Destination Wedding A Success

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read January 14, 2019

Destination Wedding

Having a destination wedding is the trending fad these days, where a couple takes off for foreign lands to tie the knot. The fervor is further celebrated on social media and becomes the inspiration for yet more couples to combine their dream vacation and dream wedding.

However, pulling off a successful destination wedding requires more than just the basic knowledge of event planning. This is why we’ve got some unique but stellar tips to make this event run as smooth as silk:

1. Go Local For Wedding Planning:

Wedding PlanningHiring a wedding planner is necessary for relieving much of the burden on the main wedding party. With a destination wedding, you should strongly consider hiring a wedding planner who has easy access to the venue and hence is located within the destination you’re heading to. This will make things much easier if the country’s language is one you’re not too familiar with or the place is in a vastly different time zone. This way, you’ll be glad to have someone who’s familiar with the place and can conduct all the needful business in the best manner.

2. Make A Website:

Sounds like overkill? If you want to have a smooth-running event, a destination wedding website might be a necessity. This will include the whole program, list of activities, directions, maps, lodging information, arrival logistics, suggested routes, and a plethora of other information.

The result? You and your planner can focus on that pile of important tasks instead of fielding calls all day long! Guests going to a destination wedding have a lot of questions, so it’s best if they have an online place to go to for all the answers.

If you don’t feel comfortable telling the guests about the wedding gifts you’d like to receive on the big day, you can set up an online wedding registry so they’ll easily get the idea to contribute in your honeymoon spending, and that too, in a highly sophisticated way! Honeyfund sets up online wedding registries which means that you’ll just need to sign up and let the guests know about it.

3. Pack Smartly:

Pack SmartlyYou might not be able to go shopping for a bridesmaid dress everywhere, so chances are you’re doing all your shopping from home base. The dresses and suits, especially the wedding dress, would pose a problem due to their delicacy and volume. If possible, put the main gowns in a garment bag and ask a flight attendant to hang it up on the plane. Be sure to call ahead and ask about such arrangements beforehand.

4. Block Hotel Rooms:

Block Hotel RoomsYou can get all your important guests a guaranteed place at lower rates by blocking hotel rooms. Most hotels offer to block a least ten rooms at a huge discount. This could be as much as 40% off on the regular prices.

Check the local hotels near your intended venue in order to make sure you know what you’re getting. Courtesy room blocks won’t charge you for the vacant rooms, while a closed block will make you responsible even if the rooms stay empty.

5. Consider Your Guests:

One factor that some couples may forget about is whether their chosen destination is good for their guests as well. After all, the close family and friends are what make a wedding enjoyable and memorable. You want people to attend the event and make a vacation out of it, so make sure to choose a place where they’ll feel excited and entertained. Make them feel special by preparing a seating chart for them.

6. Reset Your Expectations:

Since you’re going to a foreign place, you should have an open mind for the different culture there as well. If the local vendors seem to move slowly, remember that they’re likely on island time. Even if your destination isn’t an island, you should keep in mind that a laid-back attitude doesn’t necessarily mean incompetence. Simply schedule a certain time for checking in, but trust your local wedding planner if they say everything is fine.

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