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7 Simple Improvements to Give Your Fixer-Upper a Facelift!

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023


Buying your first dream home can be very exhilarating. For some new homeowners though, it’s more fun and not to mention budget-friendly, to buy a home in need of some TLC and do the renovations yourself!

Once you’ve finalised your home loan transaction with a real estate agent Rowville residents can start working on transforming that new home. Turning a fixer-upper into the home of your dreams can be both exhausting and rewarding and these tips will help you achieve your goal.

Expert Tips to Give Your Fixer-Upper a Quick Upgrade

Expert Tips to Give Your Fixer-Upper a Quick Upgrade

While your intention might be to turn your fixer-upper into a mansion, you most probably still have to live in it while you renovate. You might also be working on a budget which means everything can’t happen all at once. Keep reading to find a few tips to improve the way your fixer-upper looks in the interim.

Improve Curb Appeal

One of the easiest ways to give your new property an instant upgrade in the looks department is to improve the curb appeal. Generally, curb appeal refers to the way your home looks from the street. Getting your home to look like the mansion in your mind, has to start somewhere, and fixing the curb appeal will at least have you feel positive every time you return home.

A few simple chores that’ll instantly make your property look neater include the following:

  • Clean the property by removing anything lying around such as debris and old plants.
  • Remove weeds and excessive shrubbery.
  • Plant new plants, picking an assortment of colours and native plants to have a practical and eye-catching garden.
  • Add some decorative numbers to indicate the house number. Pick a style that will match your ultimate décor plan or theme.
  • Replace or paint the mailbox if necessary.
  • Give the front gates or garden walls a fresh coat of paint or at the very least a very good deep-clean.

Upgrade the Way Your Porch Looks

Something else that will make your fixer-upper look instantly better is improving the exterior. If your budget allows, consider adding stone accents or clay pots around the porch. Getting new awnings for the front door will make a positive impression. Create an inviting entrance and it will already feel like a home transformed.

Replace Broken Windows

Some homes need more TLC than others. If your home has any broken windows, shutters or doors these are among the items that need to be replaced first. Not only will your home look better, but you’ll instantly improve the security AND insulation of the home.

Fix the Roof

While roof repairs are among the costliest aspects of home renovation, there’s not much else you can do if your roof is faulty. If your roof leaks, it’ll be a waste of money to start any painting, whether inside or out. Once the roof and gutters have been cleaned and repaired you can consider painting. Consider the theme or ultimate décor you’d like for your home and as your budget allows, start buying paint.

Replace the Lightning

If your budget doesn’t allow new light fixtures immediately simply clean the ones you have. Perhaps move the most modern fittings you have to the rooms where you’ll have guests such as the living room. Be sure to keep an eye out for online or local promotions on light fittings to save a few dollars.

Consider New Carpets

Old and dated carpets have a negative effect on a space. Depending on how old your house is, there might be quite a few carpets to rip out. But, before you rip out your carpets, lift a small piece in the corner and check below. Doing this will prevent you from ripping out a carpet only to find a much worse floor beneath. Flooring can be very expensive!

In many instances, new homeowners have found hardwood floors that are still in excellent condition under their old carpets. These floors might simply need sanding and an oil or wax treatment to look great again. If the floor under your carpet is as bad or worse than your carpet, it might be best to leave the carpet until your budget allows for new flooring. Simply give the carpets a good deep clean.

Clean and Paint Existing Cabinets

New cabinets are always a great idea. And they instantly give any space a lift. However, if you can’t do it right off the bat, simply give existing cupboards a deep clean. Consider adding a coat of neutral coloured paint that’ll match any décor you eventually decide on!

A quick trick for a cabinet upgrade is as simple as changing handles and hinges. Change out some of the wooden doors for glass panels for added appeal.

Final Thought

Renovating your home can leave you wondering what you were thinking to take on such a monumental task! But it’s important to remember that expressions like, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and “every journey begins with a single step” were created for exactly these types of situations.

Simply start and make it a point to do what you can with what you have until your budget allows for more extravagant renovating. Remember to take plenty of before and after photos to boast about your skills once it’s all done!

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