The importance of windows and the natural light they let into a house is pretty obvious. So is the need to control the amount of the natural light that comes through, along with the heat the Sun produces. If you want to be able to “control” your windows so you can get the full benefit from them, you should carefully select the right window treatments using the following criteria.

The function

One of the first things to have in mind when selecting the window treatments is their function. What do you need them for? What was the reason you have decided you needed to buy them in the first place? Perhaps you are too close to the street, there is too much direct sunlight and you want to keep the heat out, or you want to be able to set a romantic mood. All of this will affect your choice of window treatment.

The budget

Once you know the purpose, your budget plays a significant role in deciding the type of window treatments and narrowing down the selection. The urgency of the purpose will also determine the choice. If you have to do everything at once your budget per window will probably be smaller than if you had plenty of time to do it gradually. Pretty much every single type of window covering can be found at a wide range of prices, from high end and extremely costly to quite affordable.

Is this home a keeper?

Speaking of the budget, if you plan on spending the rest of your life, or let’s say, more than 5 years in your home, you should think of the treatments as a long-term investment. On the other hand, if this home is only a transition point in your life, don’t splurge but try to find a functional and purposeful budget solution.

Extra insulation :

Are these treatments meant to provide extra insulation for the windows? This is particularly the case with older historic homes where you perhaps do not wish to disturb the overall appearance by replacing the windows. There are certain countries with extreme temperatures and many hours of sunlight during summer seasons which call for extra protection. You can even add a retractable awning and that way your windows can be covered when there is a lot of sunlight and uncovered when there is a lack of it. The ability to retract the awning will also help you preserve the style of your home and not have them permanently.

Decorative purpose :

The window treatments can be placed both inside and outside. The next step in the process of choosing the right ones is determining whether you want them as a decorative feature, or you need them to simply blend in with the rest of the room. If you opt for aluminum blinds you will get the function with little to no decorative impact. However, if you find the right drapery, you will be able to feel the presence of it in the room and the window will become a decorative feature.

Changing the perspective

If you have a room with a strange, small or unsightly window, you can hide it behind a thick ceiling to floor drapery, suggesting that there is a much bigger window behind it. Also, this type of window treatment will help you make the ceiling look taller than it actually is by filling the vertical space and drawing attention to the ceiling.

The potential hazards :

Let’s face it, most homes have two categories of occupants which require special attention - pets, and children. Window treatments could provide an infinite source of entertainment and potential danger for both of them. Floor-length curtains are an excellent place for hiding and seek but that means they will end up on the floor numerous times. Also, cords on blinds are fun to play with but they could be hazardous. This is why you should choose cordless options. This is also the right time to consider the minimal maintenance treatments as you cannot always count on those little hands and paws being clean nor careful.

If you want to turn your house into a home, you have to make up your mind and choose window treatments. In addition, it is not only a matter of feelings and decoration, but it is also the question of using and protecting your home from the most valuable reusable energy source, the Sun.


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