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6 Golden Rules Of Matching Your Watch With Your Outfit

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read May 11, 2019


We hardly think twice before wearing a watch with our outfit for the day. But if you want to look exceptionally classy, then you should definitely consider matching your watch with your wardrobe for the day. Ideally, you should be matching your watch with the type of dress you will be wearing for the day. For example, if you are wearing a formal suit, a classy dress watch should be your go-to option.

There are certain tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while matching your watch with your outfit, and here are a few of them:

1. Wear your watch in accordance with the occasion

If you are going to a formal event which calls for a dress code, your watch should complement the dress code. For example, black tie events call for no watches. Business events that call for suits are suitable for simple dress watches that have a plain dial. If the dress code is casual or business casual, you can opt for something that is a little more informal, like a watch with a large dial and other accessorizing elements. It is extremely important to keep dress codes in mind if you want to escape making a fashion faux pas.

2. Avoid metal bands on formal occasions

The reason why we say this is because metal bands that are white or silver can be really flashy. This is why it is best to avoid them in situations of formal importance. However, you can most definitely wear a watch with metal bands to a formal dinner party.

Also, if you want to really dive its specifics, then you might benefit by knowing that black leather straps are considered superior to and more formal than brown leather straps. Also, save your stressed leather straps for more casual occasions.

3. Pair leather with leather

A simple rule you can follow when it comes to watching fashion is this- always wear leather straps with leather shoes or a leather belt. Technically, your belt should match your shoes, and your watch should complement both the elements. If you are wearing a black belt and black leather dress shoes, make sure that the strap of your watch either matches the shade of the other two or at least comes close to them.

4. Use your watch to accessorize correctly

A lot of times we are confused about what accessories to wear with our outfit. A simple solution to this would be to match your accessories to the metal band of your watch. For example, if you are wearing a watch with a silver metal band, then make sure that your other accessories like bracelets, rings, neckpieces, belt buckle, cuff links and the like are of the same color. This is the easiest way to look good and classy with accessories on, and save yourself from looking all over the place.

5. Pocket watches and heirlooms never go out of fashion

If you are in possession of an ancestral heirloom, like a pocket watch that belonged to your great-grandfather, or your father’s favorite wristwatch, you simply do not have to care about any of the rules mentioned above. These watches can be worn at any time with any outfit, because of the sentimental value they have for the owner. Watches that have remained in your family for a long time have a lot of memories and stories attached to them, which go beyond any restrictions set by fashion standards. What is more, is that they also serve as fantastic conversation starters and are a great way to break the ice.

Pocket watches are coming back in fashion, and when paired with a fob chain, they can look extremely classy. So, if you have a three-piece suit and want to style it up a little differently, swap your dress watch for a pocket watch, and watch people turn heads when you pull it out.

6. Above all, be practical

You can own a beautiful omega aqua terra but have nothing to wear it with. The most important thing to do is to make practical decisions when it comes to watches. Having an expensive watch will not be of use to you if you have nothing to wear it with. Invest in dress watches only if you are someone who has a lot of formal occasions to attend. If you are of the more casual kind, then watches meant for casual wear should work just fine for you.

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