So you’ve seen the roof of your house needs some repair work or a full restoration. You know it’s paramount to repair a worn-out roof as the comfort of your family depends on it. But living in Melbourne, you know not every season is suitable for roof restoration and roof repairs.

So when’s the best time to repair your roof? Does it completely depend on the weather? Do a number of factors affect this decision – Melbourne weather, roof type, roof shape, etc.?

With such unpredictable weather in Melbourne – it could be hard to just get your damaged roof repaired at any time of the year. Melbourne is known for witnessing four seasons in a day – this just goes to say that roof repairs and roof restoration in Melbourne need to be thought through and well-planned.

Winter months

It’s a no-brainer that you don’t see a lot of roof repair or general building repair works in winter. Especially for roofs, during winters some roof types can become brittle and hard and can be easily broken. Because of this, many owners prefer to wait for the winter spell to be over to examine their roof condition and plan the ideal roof repair or restoration work in Melbourne.

If your roof needs a sealant, it may not be applied properly causing a sloppy job done, so it’s best to wait for the warmer months for any such jobs on your roof.

Spring time

If you’ve waited all the winter months to fix problems with your roof, you would have noticed that the harsh winter in Melbourne may have only worsened the situation, and damage is slightly more now than it was before winter. But that’s ok – now is the time to fix the damage. In the spring time, you can explore many providers, do your research well, re-examine the damage to the roof, consider your budget and engage a roof restoration or repair expert in Melbourne to do the job for you and bring your damaged roof back to life. Materials will be less expensive and providers will be looking for work after a quiet winter, so this is the time for you to get a good deal.

Summer months

There’s perfect weather and so everyone is busy getting their worn-out roof fixed. Contractors are busy because there’s loads of work, so finding a good provider who has the time to repair or restore your old roof can be challenging. However, this is your last window before winter casts its spell again and you’ll have to wait the full cycle for roof restoration or repair and by that time your damage will also increase. For some roof types, the typical high-temperature days in January may not be preferable and can cause some hold in your roof restoration work. But leaving those high-temperature days, summer is a good time for restoring and repairing those damaged worn-out roofs in Melbourne.

Fall time

Fall is also the same as the winter months when it comes to planning for roof restoration and roof repairs in Melbourne. It can be difficult in this season with falling leaves and winds that can cause working on the roof difficult. If your roof restoration started in summer and is continuing in fall, it’s fine. However, it’s not a good idea to start planning for a new roof repair or restoration job in fall because that can run into the winter months, which will be highly unfavourable.

This should give you a good idea on how to start planning for restoring or repairing the damaged roof of your property and what months of the year to consider. Many providers in Melbourne will help you with the right advice when you contact them for roof repair and roof restoration work. They’ll work closely with you to understand what the magnitude of work is and what the best time of the year is to fix your roof problems and bring it back to life.

Jim Chronopoulos

Jim Chronopoulos is the owner of Melbourne Quality Roofing offering all types of roof restoration services. With over 25 years of rich experience Melbourne Quality Roofing provides professional and affordable roof restoration services to commercial and residential properties in Melbourne & nearby suburbs.

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