A Guide to The Changes in Optometrists Bulk Billing

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The optometry practices have many changes especially in the billing procedures by Medicare. Usually, it is seen that almost 97% of the optometrists are attached to the medical benefits and are bulk billed. But recently the Government has made some changes where the rebates have been reduced for the optometry services. The period that one could claim has also been reversed. The practitioners are changing the procedure after the new rules have come into effect. There were different types of reactions within a very short period of time. The optometrists who treat only the elderly patients throughout the year are beneficial for their practice.

There are few practitioners who feel that it is better to continue bulk-billing optometrist for every new patient. They will make changes from the second consultation. The practitioners have also decided to put up fees for consultations of contact lenses. The new measures have put many consultants and the eye health of the patients at risk. They are of course advocating for the poor and vulnerable patients so that they can benefit from the insurance. The rebates are demanded to be reinstated especially for pensioners, old aged people as well as children of below 16 years.

Criteria for Eye Tests and Bulk Billing:

  •  Eyes must be tested on regular basis and the optometrists’ service tries to maintain high standards. Hence, they believe in the professional care of the eyes which can be done if the eye tests are bulk billed. It is applicable to almost all patients. This will require a medical card that will ensure a comprehensive eye test. This will also not cost you anything out of the pocket.
  • The changes that were made by the government a few years back had created some confusion among the patients. The rebate that was given for two years was changed to three years. This means that Medicare is paying less to the practitioner if the patient has another test within a period of three years. The practitioners began charging private fees from the patients to cover the gap.
  • Medicare has to pay for the patient if anything goes wrong in the vision based on the clinical test. The glasses need to be changed if not working effectively. The problems in the eye like sore eyes, red eyes, or any other new symptoms must be addressed immediately so that the general eye health is not disturbed.
  • The bulk billing optometrist depends upon the eye test that must be done depending upon the condition of the eye. Hence the entire standard eye tests are bulk billed if there is a clinical requirement.

The bulk billing optometrist ensure that rebates are given to patients so that they do not want to pay more than they have to. Hence the customers are seen that they enjoy all the benefits of the rebates. The health fund arranges for the patients who have to specially take care of their eyes due to age or any other eye problems. Eligible members can easily save on glasses, sunglasses, and benefits of bulk billing optometrists. If you become a member of the health fund, then it is necessary to claim the optical benefit. If you do this every year it means that you have used the entitlement wisely. There are few services that help the patients especially those who are in need to use the benefits of bulk billing optometrists. This will help them to take care of their eyes and avoid any type of emergencies.


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