A strain occurs when a muscle has been stretched a little bit too much – sometimes to the point where it has ripped. Muscle strains have the capacity to be painful, which is enough of a reason to do something about them – but they can also have longer-term negative effects. They can prevent you from exercising at your best, and they can lead to long-term complications if they’re not seen to by a doctor. As a result, a muscle strain should never be left to go away on its own: instead, it should be challenged head-on. Here are just some of the major reasons why this is so important.

Managing pain :

As with any medical problem, the main reason to go to the doctor in the event of a muscle strain is to cut down on the pain you’re experiencing. A physician can recommend a variety of treatments for a muscle strain, including ice packs and elastic bandages. In some cases, you may be told to take an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen. Either way, turning up at the doctor means that the problem can be addressed.

Interfering with exercise :

However, a muscle injury won’t just cause you to experience pain. It can also prevent you from getting back on the pitch or the track, and in some cases, you might find that a doctor advises you to sit out any further exercises for weeks at a time. If you’re advised not to exercise for a while, then it’s worth sucking it up and taking it on board: the tear may just get larger if you ignore the advice and don’t give yourself time to heal.

The best way to prevent muscle strains and associated health problems by interfering with your exercise routine, however, is to prevent it rather than curing it. Using compression wear is a smart idea here, as it means that blood flow is increased to the point where your muscles can defend themselves well against trauma. As this video from Tommie Copper shows, the Tommie Copper brand can be relied upon by athletes both amateur and professional for their compression needs – so it’s a good pick.

Further complications :

In some cases, muscle strains can lead to more serious conditions such as deep vein thrombosis. While this isn’t something that’s particularly common among muscle strain patients, it can happen – so as to prevent it from arising, you should get down to the doctor as soon as you can. That way, you’ll be able to cut out any worries and focus on getting back in shape.

Muscle strains aren’t pleasant – and they certainly aren’t great for athletes. However, burying your head in the sand on the issue isn’t wise: that’s because strained muscles can lead to some further complications, and they can also cause you to exercise at less than your best. Get to the doctor and get them checked out: that way, you can be back fighting fit again in no time at all.

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