How to Be a Good Worker

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Good Worker

These tips will help you be a person who solves company problems, not creates them.

1. Accept the fact that you are an employee

1. Accept the fact that you are an employee

Everyone knows the disparaging expression “work for your uncle” or as an employee, while still thinking about taxes, the difference between the 1099 form, and calculating w2 wages from the paystub. Instead of all, this everyone wants to make easy money, to have their own business (without solving global issues), to mine cryptocurrency, and so on, but let’s be honest – the talent of independent earnings is owned by thousands, but millions go broke. Millions go broke for millions!

Are you ready for that level of responsibility? If not, catch the pattern: denial → anger → bargaining → depression → acceptance.

2. Find your calling

This is the tritest phrase of all time, but it’s also the most relevant. The business of your life you are willing to do for free or even at a loss.

Some people will have to dig very seriously into themselves. There’s a good exercise for uncovering subconscious desires: you have to write out 100 different answers to the questions “Who am I?” and “What do I want to do?

3. Don’t spread yourself thin

This advice is especially important for people young and active, with a motor in the heel. For such people often change jobs or combine everything in a row. After 30, the motor still has to get out and start living with your head. Isn’t it better to hit the same point while you have the strength?

4. Solve your boss’s problems, don’t create them

Many people confuse their boss with an elementary school teacher. He certainly teaches, explains, punishes, sometimes makes you wear a uniform, but there the similarity ends. No one will wipe your snot out. Talk to your supervisor – not often, but thoroughly. Write everything down and take notes. There might be a manual somewhere on a shelf that contains all your “Why?

5. Learn and evolve

5. Learn and evolve

Some will say to themselves, “I’m already a great worker and know my profession by heart!” You may indeed have peaked in your sandbox now and have bumped your head against the iron mushroom, but the world doesn’t end there, and the stars are much higher. Ask your boss for more responsibility, take on students, enter professional skills competitions. Develop your skills!

6. Learn how to take feedback

It’s not bottles – it’s not a shame to collect feedback. Get a portfolio, get references. Instead of a thousand great stories about yourself, just show a portfolio and that’s it.

7. Save your time

I always respect people who are greedy for time, those who understand that it is an irreplaceable and important resource. Stuffing can’t be pulled back, so cling with your teeth to the skills that speed you up speed-reading, blind typing, and so on. By the way, this text was recorded by me using voice typing. Time management solves everything!

8. Resistless

In many since childhood sits the same scheme: to spite my mother, I’ll freeze my ears off. Stand up for your opinion at any cost! Don’t take a step back! Never bend to those at the top! Sound familiar? But you come to work for a man, not he comes to work for you. You are not even partners or rivals. There is a vertical of power, and it is not for you to undermine it. Are you right? Or maybe you think you are? If you are right, state it accurately and without pressure. You don’t need to make a storm in a glass every day.


If this all seems trivial to anyone, I’m sorry, but these things work. I have tested them on myself and I give them from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your consideration.

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