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Why Golang Language Is The Perfect Decision For Custom Software Development

author-img By Arnab Dey 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Software Development

The programming language is always required by software developers when they create a new application or any kind of software or any project they are about to start. But to choose the right technology or programming language, which best fits them is difficult to part.

Go language was the option there too, many of the well professional developers knew that Go language is the best-suited language for their programming processes, as it’s the language which is best for security purposes, high speed, or either developing high modularity.

But for any other developers who still are confused in selecting the right technological language for them, here are some of the reasons for the software developers to adopt this language for software development projects.

Before selecting any programming language some factors are considered, to see the overall complexity of the idea, what’s your budget, target market, etc.

1. Performance:

Golang Language is compiled that provides better performance to developers while eliminating the need for interpretation. Furthermore, as interpretation is not required, the application performance improves and makes it more user-friendly.

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2. Minimum crashing:

Minimum crashing

The other plus factor of the Go programming language is that it makes sure that the application runs smoothly, and also saves the memory from the device, as using more of the memory of the device results in in-app crashes.

3. Flexibility:

Golang Language is the most flexible programming. It has made the work easy for software developers. As Golang is used for: Audio editing, video editing, network and system programming, machine learning, and much more.

4. Large Community:

We can say that the Go language has made a large community. As people love its features, its flexibility, every professional use golang for projects in its program development, new developers are engaging with golang and becoming professionals in it.

5. Lighter Complex Application:

Golang produces or makes less complex applications, takes less space/ memory, and weighs less, regardless of its many features in it.

6. Cost-Effective:

The backup for Go programming languages does not necessitate a large tech stack. It can be used to develop apps on native machine code and easily compile them without the need for virtual machines or interpreters. As a result, developers can save not only money but also time.

7. Scalability:

Applications built in Go can be scaled or transformed quickly and easily if necessary. As Golang has high scalability, it gives opportunity or favor or best option to small and medium-sized businesses that want to grow their apps with the organization.

But if we talk about large businesses, large enterprises, the Golang language has not disappointed them, it helps them to deal with higher volumes.

8. Versatility:


Applications written in Go can run on a wide range of operating systems and platforms. Go Lang is a lot versatile as it can be used to create a wide variety of applications.

9. Speed:

As we talked about, this language is best for starting a new project or any program, as it has built-in features that provide the best speed with high performance and use less memory. Go programs are also extremely fast to compile, and the resulting binary is extremely small.

10. Up-to-Date:

Golang is the modern language, language for new software developers, and can perfectly fit modern hardware requirements.

11. Easy to Understand:

Because of its simple and readable code, it has made it easy for common IT specialists to take it over, once application development is completed. You can remember most of it, not much time is required to learn things in it, as you can easily fit it in your head. It’s also extremely clean and simple to read.

12. Easy to Market:

After all these benefits, you can choose this programming language and can make an app through it and launch it. If you get into any trouble while using this language, the Golang team will take over and make things easier for you.

Best Go Application Examples:

  • Google
  • Daily motion
  • Uber
  • Dropbox

You can see now that the famous websites and applications are made through the Go programming language. In this way, you can see the versatility, and flexibility of the Golang, and it performs in different sectors of programming.

As for Google, the most used website on the planet, furthermore YouTube, Google chrome are also included in it. Golang can be used for various purposes, including entertainment, geographical sectors, cloud computing services, Golang libraries.

Hence Golang can help you in all the sectors of computing and programming and developing apps. Golang is the most preferred programming language because of its all benefits, it’s being less costly, easy to manage and understand, etc.

Golang is ideal for developing lightweight, scalable applications as well as implementing cutting-edge modern technologies. It will be an excellent choice for both startups focused on rapid growth and mature, large corporations.


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