When a place is known for its beautiful natural scenery, hiking trails, and road trips, it follows that it also offers some of the most exciting adventures you’ll get. While some travellers prefer a more casual, chill vibe, there are those who like to feel the adrenaline pumping in their vines.

A trip to New Zealand is indeed like being in a different world where the environment is mostly untouched. But their extreme sports and activities are a whole new experience you shouldn’t miss! From water sledging to hydro attacks and kite surfing/landboarding, New Zealand is the place to be for junkies looking to stimulate nerve action.

Of course, unraveling the extreme New Zealand experience is fun, but the means of transportation between one location to another can be daunting for tourists and locals alike. It has its fair share of urbanized areas, after all. No need to stress though, because we can assure you that finding a car hire in New Zealand is easy!

Go Berserk with the Zorb/Ogo:



Rolling downhill with your friends sounds pretty much like a ridiculous idea at first, but if you’re inside a giant inflatable ball with a bit of water inside, then the experience automatically turns insane! Race and have fun with your pals using the Zorb/Ogo which can be found in Rotorua, New Zealand. Just make sure you’re not full before you ride it, okay?

Pilot a Stunt Plane, Literally:

Stunt Plane


Have you always dreamed of piloting your own small plane, even for just a short while? Well, New Zealand’s got you covered! The Abel Tasman National Park offers several high-adrenaline experiences to its guests, including skydiving, cliff diving, and quad biking, but the most unique experience that most locals recommend to tourists is the U-Fly Extreme! Accompanied by a guide, you can take a small stunt plane out for a spin and get lost in the majestic skies of New Zealand.

Go Water Sledging:

Water Sledging

Water sledging in New Zealand is a must-try if you are into legit extreme sports. Better known as “Hydrospeed” or Hydro Attack”, the water sledging experience allows you to feel the water rush through a fast-flowing river. Prepare to be greeted by rocks, stones, and other obstacles that might hurt you and your friends if you’re not careful.

If that’s not enough for you, the Hydro Attack even goes as far as letting you go under and over the water with your boat, just like a dolphin! The adrenaline rush is just endless.

Dive with the Heckin’ Sharks:

Heckin’ Sharks

You thought the list couldn’t get crazier, did you?  New Zealand’s got a whole lot of experiences to offer for those on the crazy adventurous bunch because you can also swim with the local sharks. The KellyTarlton Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand is now accepting guests for its Shark Drive Xtreme, where people will have the rare opportunity to scuba dive and interact with different species of sharks for approximately 40 minutes.

While the sharks mean no harm to people, it still sends chills to the spine! Just look at those jaws!

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