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Top 7 Ways To Get Your Green Card In The United States Of America

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read October 25, 2021

Green Card

If you are a foreign national and wish to live permanently in the United States Of America, you will need an immigrant visa or a green card. But you can’t just get a green card because you want to have one. There are some specific criteria.

When it is about acquiring a green card in the United States Of America, there are several ways to acquire it. When you are planning to get one, you should have a knowledge of the different ways to get one.

Top Ways To Get Your Green Card In The United States Of America

Here, in this article, we will talk about the top ways to acquire a green card or the license to live in The USA. So, now without wasting any more time, let’s get into the main topic, and check out the different ways.

Make Investment In Yourself

Make Investment In Yourself

In case you are able to invest $500,000 in your firm along with creating 10 employment, you might qualify for the EB-5 direct investor program. But next year the amount is expected to rise to around $900,000.

Apart from that, at present, the regional center version of this program is closed, and there is a high chance that Congress might reinstate it.

Get Married In The Right Way

A lawful permanent resident or a United States citizen who is at least 21 years old can sponsor applicants. Marriage is a frequent method whenever it comes to immigration. Obviously, the marriage has to be real and not only for immigration grounds.

Close relatives like parents, spouses, and children of an American citizen are eligible for these visas. This is one of the most prominent answers to “How Long Does It Take to Renew Green Card?”

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Transfer In

An inter-company movement of an employee is eligible for a green card. However, the petitioning employer of yours has to be a United States employer who is seeking to hire you in an executive or managerial position for qualifying for the visa.

At the same time, you have to work with the employer in a foreign region for a minimum of one year. You can consult with an expert of Manji Law, P.C., to get all the essential details about this program.

You can Do It! In

You can either apply for an H1B visa and also through labor certifications; the individual can subsequently get a green card. As it is said in the student example, or apply for an EB2 exceptional worker green card based on a national interest waiver.

An H1B employee is allowed to work for as many employers as the individual wants to. At the same time, they have to ensure that the job is related to a non-profit affiliated with a college, a college, a non-profit United States government organization, or something like that.

Study Your Way To Success

Study Your Way To Success

The way of obtaining a student visa in order to pursue a master’s or even a bachelor’s degree at a United States university is always open.

This way, you will be eligible for OPT or Optional Practical Training. It is a one-year post-graduate work visa. After completing one year, you can ask your supervisor to file for an H1B work visa on your behalf.

By Winning Obtain Admission

Through the annual Diversity Green Card Lottery, you can apply for a green card. It selects around 55,000 people to come to the USA.

All these people usually come from those nations, which are underrepresented in terms of immigration in the United States of America. Ukraine, Fiji, or Estonia are some of these types of nations.

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Make Your Way In

Make Your Way In

Last but not least, follow the footsteps of worldwide success stories like Drake and Ryan and be so successful that the United States Of America offers you a green card as the result of your success. Individuals who are the holders of globally known recognitions like Grammy, Oscar, or Pulitzer Prize are included.

Final Talks

Try any one of these seven major ways to get your green card in the United States of America. Always keep in mind that you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria; without that, you will never get a green card. So, we hope you get the answer to your question, “How Long Does It Take to Renew Green Card?”

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