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9 Game Changing Tech Companies That Are Changing the World in 2019

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Game Changing Tech

Silicon Valley has been the enclave of technology throughout the United States. Much of modern tech as we know it comes from California startups, and they’re not stopping any time soon.

Even then, many authorities are saying Silicon Valley is losing its luster. It’s a long way before the California tech sanctuary gets down from its iron throne, and if it ever does, there may be more options.

The world is reshaping with the best tech the world ever had. Game changing companies are pushing their boundaries. They’re altering what we know about the tech industry.

Today, we’ll talk about 9 of the most game changing startups. These are the most innovative companies leading the way for humanity and the world.

9 Game Changing Tech Companies That Are Changing the World in 2019:

Are you ready to know who they are? Here they are.

1. Zapata Computing:


Quantum computing is one of the biggest tech goals many big companies try to achieve. The likes of IBM, Intel, and Microsoft QuArc are the most prominent names in quantum computing. Even then, game changing startups like Zapata Computing are taking a step further.

Zapata Computing spun out of Harvard. Their goal is to design, install and push quantum computing algorithms. Their focus on machine learning gives confidence in the technology itself.

One of their current projects is a partnership with Google. This work entails them becoming Cirq integration partners.

They are now developing a new quantum algorithm called CUSP. This will optimize quantum algorithms that are too large. This will then fit them on near term quantum computers.

Zapata is one of the most innovative companies out there, and their work on Quantum AI is the start.

2. Kneron Inc:

Kneron Inc

Among the best startups of 2019 when it comes to innovation is Kneron Inc. It specializes with what we call edge AI. This is technology where all AI algorithms go through processing in a device itself.

An edge AI device does not need to connect anywhere. All its processing and decision-making happens at a local level. What this means is an improvement in real-time data creation.

This is usable on a day to day basis, including:

  • Robotics
  • Machine learning
  • Self-driving cars
  • Internet of Things (IoT) products

Kneron Inc develops neural networks to provide high computing performance with low-power consumption. This is usable in areas like smart surveillance, navigation and behavior recognition.

3. New Knowledge:

New Knowledge

Disinformation is a new type of cyber attack that has become pervasive due to the advent of social media. Cybersecurity needs to go beyond malware and move towards disinformation protection. Innovative tech companies like New Knowledge are there to take on the challenge.

New Knowledge is a Texas-based cybersecurity firm. They specialize in disinformation control and defense.

These cybersecurity firms are the ones that help visible brands. New Knowledge helps companies defend themselves against coordinated disinformation attacks.

Their solutions detect, observe, and mitigate disinformation. New Knowledge’s brand of information integrity is crucial. It makes them one of the game changing startups that we need to watch.

Learning cybersecurity starts with learning how to code. Find out more about how you can start.

4. Elucd:


Law enforcement support has seen a downtrend in the past few years. Most of this comes from misinformation and aloofness with the community. For smart law enforcement, teams like Elucd are becoming the choice.

Elucd is pioneering the sentiment meter for police across America. This provides real-time pulse from the community, which can help with public trust. This allows the police to detect and bust crimes more effectively.

Elucd’s smart policing allows for a better understanding between cops and communities. This can then help boost security.

5. Kineta Bio:

Kineta Bio

One of the biggest key issues in pharmaceuticals the past decades is pain management. The reliance on opioids can do more harm than good, and stopping it can change the lives of millions. Enter Kineta Innovative Therapies.

Kineta is a biotech company that targets the three biggest needs for pain management. These include:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Chronic pain
  • Viral diseases

Success in the field of pain management can help change the way people with afflictions live their lives. Their work in neuroscience and immuno-oncology makes them one of the most innovative companies right now.

6. UbiQD:


Net-zero building technologies are goals that help prepare the world for climate change. Buildings that create clean energy can help create different opportunities for everyone. UbiQD is pursuing novel work to do so.

UbiQD focuses on nanomaterials production, manufacturing quantum dots, and polymer composites. What this will do is help with the integration of several innovative solutions. This includes sunlight harvesting and window power units.

Net-zero buildings can then generate their own power and sustain themselves. UbiQD’s work is the sign of being one of the most innovative tech companies in the world. Their success is ours too.

7. Aclima:


Staying on climate change, Aclima is one of the best tech startups 2019 has to offer. With its work on predictive models, climate science and machine learning, it gives people the information we need. This information about the world around us gives humanity a chance.

Aclima uses environmental intelligence to detect changes in the world.

This includes everything from hyperlocal air pollution to climate emissions. This information is usable on many different things. Isolating forest fires and even emission reduction is their main target.

8. Kymeta:


Vehicle to Everything Technology or V2X is an emerging field with some of the most innovative companies out there. One of these is Kymeta, which is pioneering the commercialization of V2X antennas for high-speed, high-bandwidth connectivity.

This technology is useful for almost anything that moves, which includes vehicle sensing, accident prevention, and roads efficiency.

9. Pivotal Commware:

Pivotal Commware

Beam steering technology is producing some of the most game changing startups right now. With its many applications in telecommunications, IoT connectivity, and 3D radar sensing, companies like Pivotal Commware are changing the world.

Pivotal is developing software antenna and radios that using intelligent beam steering. Their area of specialty is improvements in network speed and spectral efficiency. This can then help vehicles, planes, and ships to help with security and autonomous navigation.

Game Changing Tech Is Upon Us:

Technology is pushing towards an unbelievable future. Game changing technology can change our lives for the better. From quantum computing to cybersecurity, the most innovative tech companies can pave the way.

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