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Exclusive Summer Offers for Kindle E-readers

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023


Summer is here and so is the vacation time. People are on go with their plans for traveling, fun, and enjoyment. It is quite a bad thing all the book lovers cannot carry all their favorite books with them but now no worries! The Amazon Kindle is here for all those book lovers who love to spend time reading. Like every year Amazon has some exclusive offers for the summer. So grab your favorite kindle readers at amazing discounts.

Outstanding features of Amazon Kindle E-readers:

•    Gone are the days of lugging voluminous books on your back, The Kindle has a whole library in your hand and one that only needs charging every month or so.
•    The most amazing fact about these E-Ink readers is that there is a wide collection of over 3 three lakh books for free and also many more
•    Amazon Kindle has a wide range of selection for your enjoyment which includes books from different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, and Malayalam.
•      Now you can join wide communities of other book lovers like you with the Kindle communities where you can share and rate books.
•    Download free samples or enjoy your favorite books at low costs
•    The Kindle also helps all those without visual impairment; it has an audio adapter to listen any e-book read aloud.
•    Kindle device also saves your information like your notes, highlights etc with a distant user identity
•    Amazon Kindle is one of the best devices with amazing technologies. It promotes a glare-free vision to all its users.
•    Kindle also includes special features like dictionary and x-ray if one wishes to know more about a word.
•    Kindle offers its readers with a wide variety of fonts and also an adjustable brightness feature

Some of the Kindle Readers in available India at the summer sale:


Offer available

Amazon Kindle ₹5,999.00
Kindle Starter Pack ₹6.998.00
Kindle Paperwhite ₹10,999.00
Kindle Voyage ₹16,499

1. Kindle available at ₹5,999 :

This is the basic version of the Amazon Kindle for all those who just started with the Kindle reading. It is quite inexpensive under the sale and easy to use and carry
•    The Kindle comes with a screen 6 inches in size and with glare-free technology
•    The Kindle supports touchscreen features and Wi-Fi connectivity
•    It has an amazing feature i.e the battery life; Its battery lasts for weeks on a single charge
•    It can help look up instantly on the Oxford dictionary and can also help highlight or take notes.
•    The Kindle can support thousands of books from different languages, genre etc.
•    The Kindle does have some drawbacks considering it is the basic version: It does not have a built-in light which can be uncomfortable for some readers.

2.Kindle Paperwhite :

The kindle paperwhite is under sale at ₹10,999 and is quite an advanced version than the Amazon Kindle with an inbuilt light.



Screen size 6 inches
Pixel density 300 ppi
Touchscreen Yes
Force touch No
Storage 4 GB
Screen resolution 1440×1080
Grayscale 16-level
Built-in light Yes

3. Kindle Voyage :

Kindle Voyage is available on Amazon at an offer price of ₹16,499. It is quite a reasonable price for all those looking to investing in a good kindle
•    The best feature of this device is the sleek design where you can even carry it in your pockets on the go
•    The screen size of the Kindle is 6 inches and touch screen
•    The reading in this kindle is quite comfortable with a screen resolution of 1440×1080 and 300 ppi
•    It also has a Page Press feature which allows force touch on the device

Planning to buy your new Kindle? Follow this:

The Amazon Summer Sale offers us free shipping within 3-4 business days. It also provides shipping worldwide. Amazon Prime members can have the extra advantage to access the deals before all other customers. How to shop for this sale? It’s quite simple:

  • Go to Amazon.com
  • Go to the sale section
  • Discover a variety of Kindles under the Kindle E-Readers &e-books section
  • Add the items you wish to buy into your cart
  •  If you are a prime member, you get the advantage to choose the different delivery options like standard delivery or the 2 day delivery with prime
  • Add the items to your cart and select the payment method
  • Check out your cart and confirm the order
  • Once the order is placed you will get a confirmation mail from Amazon

Relax with kindle this summer: Enjoy your summers sipping a healthy drink and reading your favorite on your Kindle. Get hops of discounts in your bags with the amazing offers on Kindle readers at the Amazon Summer sale

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