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Socket Wrench Vs. The Conventional Wrench

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

If you don’t know, the traditional socket wrench has been around since the 1860s. So whenever it comes to setting up the toolbox, the first tool that people think about is none other than the socket wrench. However, the newcomer in the industry is the open-end wrench and the box end wrench. 

Depending on what you have to repair, the type of wrench will vary. However, when we talk about both types, each of them has its pros and cons. Here, in this feature, we will look at both of them and see which one is better. But for the mechanics and the professionals, the requirements are a little bit different. The house is maintained, and for domestic uses, the simple wrench is enough.

Socket Wrench

Socket Wrench

For your information, a socket wrench has interchangeable parts called sockets, which can snap into the square-shaped fitting. This tool comes in a variety of sizes and is used for different purposes. You will usually find this tool in a socket set with a varying number of sockets. They are used to accommodate different-sized bolts, nuts, and even fasteners. If you want a good quality one, look for a socket wrench at Sydney tools right now.

Today, most of the socket wrenches come with a ratcheting handle, which is known as a ratchet. This makes it easy for resizing without plugging the socket out from the nut or bolt. On the other hand, the ratchet provides substantial mechanical leverage to make changes to the socket. Simply put, everything depends on the length of the socket; the longer it is, the bigger the leverage will be. So if you want to make the most out of this tool, you can rely on the socket wrench.

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Conventional Wrench

If you have been chasing the traditional wrenches for a long time, you will frequently come across two options. As explained earlier, the conventional wrench is available in two forms, the box end, and the open-end wrench. Every wrench has a solid steel handle, with both ends having sharp sides.

Much like the socket itself, the head on the box wrench will easily fit around with a fastener without any hassle. On the other hand, the open-end wrench, the head will make contact with both sides having the fastener around.

The conventional wrench designs are making this wrench unique. Often carrying multiple sizes of the wrench is not possible. And these two side opening ends of the conventional design are making the difference. The mechanics do not have to carry multiple sizes of the wrench.

In the single wrench, both side opening features are helping the mechanics to perform the work efficiently. In addition, the conventional wrench designs have adjusting mechanisms that add more advantages over the socket wrench.



One of the most significant advantages of settling for a socket is that it provides functionality, equivalent to the conventional wrench but in a compact bundle. The conventional one is the best choice for first-time users. But this wrench is not suitable for professional users. As the professional users are going to need more settings and size for it. 

Therefore, instead of buying a separate socket wrench for the different sizes of the fasteners, you can rely on a separate socket. On the other hand, the ratcheting mechanism of the socket is crucial because it takes care of the tightening tasks or even losing the nuts faster. 

This feature is beneficial when it comes to working through cramped spaces. On the contrary, when a conventional wrench is concerned, it is crucial to reposition the different tools during usage.


This is the reason when you are searching for a well-performing wrench. This is the reason the conventional wrenches are coming in front of you. For home uses, the conventional wrench is better. You do not have to carry multiple settings with a single wrench. You can complete your whole work.

Therefore, the deep sockets are highly beneficial when getting access to the recessed fitting such as the spark plug, which is hard to reach without a conventional wrench. 

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