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Essential questions to ask before you opt-in for a bail bond

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read May 30, 2019 Last Updated on: June 3rd, 2019

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Mishaps do not give a warning sign! To your dismay, you might find your loved one behind bars, for no fault. Or it could be a situation that needs justification, to explain that your loved one did the act, in his defense. While you can always get in touch with a lawyer to fight the legal case, it is essential that you take your loved one out of jail. Here you can take the help of bail bonds.

Today, there are multiple bail bond companies that you can reach out to. If you wish to know more, you can get in touch with Castle Bail Bondsman Hamilton County. However, before you finally opt-in for the bail bond, you need to stay clear on specific clauses and questions.

Things you need to know before opting in for a bail bond company/agent

There is specific information that your bail bond company will require to assist you with the bail amount, such as

  • The location of the person held in custody
  • The full name as well as the booking number of the defendant

The bail bond companies take this information to speak to the jail authorities. The company can also attain a booking number just in case you forget. You might want to know the amount of the bail. The companies will go ahead and achieve this data when they come in contact with the jail and let you know of the amount.

Ways to obtain the bail bond

You can obtain bail in four important ways. They are as follows:

  • You can get in touch with a bail bondsman
  • You can make use of the real property at the court
  • You can share cash for the stipulated bond amount in the jail
  • It is the judge who decides whether the defendant can manage on their own

Will you get the money the moment the legal case is over?

There can be a couple of exceptions here! However, you don’t receive the premium amount back, which got paid at the bail bond company. It is this amount which enables the defendant to move out of the jail. It can be earned completely when the defendant moves out of custody. For instance, just in case the defendant gets arrested after a week, you will not get the refund. Also, when the bail bondsman fails to cater to the expectations till the contract end, then there’s some chance of a refund.

Last but not least, it is essential to know whether the defendant can leave the country when he/she is on the bond! It is important to seek permission from the concerned bail bond organization. You need to send the request in a document form. Also, if you have direct instructions from the court to stay in the city during the legal processing, you shouldn’t violate that under any circumstances. If you break the law, you perhaps can get arrested, and your legal case might receive a setback. Once you are aware of these clauses, you can seek the bail bond with complete clarity.

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