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Top Eco-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas For You To Try

author-img By Arnab Dey 5 Mins Read August 26, 2022

Eco-Friendly Home Renovation


The citizens of the planet Earth! However, how many of us could proudly say that we are Earthlings without having sudden guilt for all the ways we are harming our precious planets?

However, home decoration is a sector where you can use eco-friendly home renovation ideas. If you want to know more about sustainable, environmentally friendly home decor ideas, keep reading.

Eco-Friendly Idea For Your House

Taking care of the environment while you beautify your house is possible. How? Here are some of the eco-friendly home renovation ideas for you to test.

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1. Recycled Items

You should get out of this idea that everything in your home has to be modern and has newness in it. If you are someone thinking about eco-friendly home renovation and thinking about the environment as well, then go for reclaimed wooden furniture.

Not only does it decrease wastage and cut down the recycling cost of this wooden furniture, but old wood can bring a rustic look to your room. Not just for furniture, you can even use individual wooden sheets recently used as a backdrop wall or wooden flooring.

In the end, you will not just be saving the plant from another pile of waste but also your own pocket from the high cost that the new furniture was going to bring. If you are a sucker for new items, you can ask your renovators to repaint them, shine them and make them look all new.

2. Solar Lights

Lighting is the essence of any house. Whether we are talking about pool lighting, garden lighting, or that beautiful chandelier ornamenting your living room. When the sun sets, it is not just a source of light but a source of beauty.

However, if you wish to go eco-friendly with your lighting choices, you can let some sun in. No, we are not talking about actual sunlight, although natural light is a good source. We are talking about solar lights which can not only help you save the environment but cut down immensely on your energy bills.

Yes, installing these solar panels and lights is a bit on the expensive side, and you also have to maintain them every few months. However, the advantages of a house lit by the sun itself are worth it.

3. Organic Paint Option

Rather than breathing in those harmful chemical dyes which are not good for you, especially when you have children in your house. You can opt for an independent store that is working hard to bring you organic paint.

Not only being eco-friendly but supporting small businesses. You can also ask your renovation contractor whether they work with any eco-friendly, chemical-free paint company.

4. Go Antique This Time

Thrifting is fun, but thrifting for antiques doubles the fun. Because not only are you getting furniture and other home decor items at a low price, but you also get some of the best stories from these pieces. Provided that you are going to a certified antique shop and getting an authentic item.

So, we would suggest you make a day out of it and look around a little before you decide upon an antique store.

5. Add More Greenery

There could be nothing more eco-friendly than adding more greenery to your city apartment or house. No matter how limited your space is, you can always make way for some greenery.

It could be a sunroom or just a small area where you get the most sunlight. There is also a new trend of using a lustrous green rooftop.

Some of the common advantages are:

  • A cool interior on a hot day.
  • The more fresh air outside.
  • Less maintenance since the concrete is hidden inside to not catch any dirt or debris.

You can also add greenery to the railings of your balcony or any other place suited for you in the house. These are also excellent decorative elements, as the lant green brings out the vibrancy of other colors.

Environmentally Friendly!

Now that you have your options, why not go a little more sustainable this time? This can help you save up on electricity, and too many expensive renovative items, and you are saving the earth all at the same time.

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