Moving to a new city is not a new thing for modern people. In fact, it has become a common affair nowadays.

Moving to a new location is usually a unique experience; you get to meet new people, see new places and live in a new environment. However, the moving process itself can be very exhausting and tiring. In fact, it can be a risky decision without proper planning.

Looking To Move To London

We all know London is a desirable city to live in. This is the reason why more than 200,000 people migrate to the British Capital city. The growth is faster than the other city, with the people drawn there by jobs and enhanced lifestyle.

London is a great place to live in. In fact, it is considered to be one of the safest cities on the planet. If you are at the stage where you are looking to move to London, the chances are that you have already made your decision.

Things To Keep In Mind While Moving In London

Information is power. It is so much easier to move when you know every aspect of it. Before you can move to London, knowing these things will help you with the transition.

1. Visa

In order to move and live in London, you need a VISA. Even though you belong to the EU nation, you should look into the process. Make sure you qualify for post-Brexit.

There are a variety of VISAs available. So take your time while deciding on a particular type of VISA. If you are confused about the VISA, seek professional help.

2. Moving & Shipping Costs

Moving costs to London are relatively when you are moving from a different place in the UK. However, if you are moving from overseas, it can really be expensive.

However, if you take help from moving companies, the process of moving in London becomes a little cost-effective.

3. Cost Of Clothing & Personal Item

London has a relatively temperate climate both in winter and summer. The typical temperature of London in January varies from 4 degrees centigrade to 15 degrees centigrade. One other thing that you must consider about London is that it rarely rains hard, it does rain often.

Living in such a condition means you need to be prepared for every weather at a moment's notice. So, you are advised to prepare yourself with all seasoned clothing.

4. Taxes In London

It is important that you have the right knowledge about taxation in London. In terms of business, self-employment, and capital gains, you pay the same tax rate as the rest of the UK.

Most goods you will purchase in London include VAT. However, you will be aware of it because it is included in the market price. In addition, whether you own a home or rent it, you will be liable for council tax.

5. London Public Transport Fares

Public transport costs in London are among the highest in the world. Sometimes, it is hard to discover the best route to reach your destination with so many options available.

For most rail-based transportation, you pay based on the ones you are traveling through. Busses, trams, and cable cars charge a flat fare irrespective of the distances you are traveling.

Furthermore, if you wish to use public transport, it is good to have an Oyster card. This allows you to catch a second bus with the first one hour of your missed bus for free.

Final Thoughts

Before you move to London, you need to prepare a moving checklist. It should include a detailed list of household commodities, the task that needs to be accomplished, and the appointments with your utility companies.

Having a checklist ensures that you know the things that need to be done. It helps you align your action for an effective moving process.

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