The Difference Between Ecological and Organic Essential Oils

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Ecological essential oils

Ecological essential oils have been used since time immemorial in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy uses oils extracted from different vegetables to achieve well-being. These oils give off a pleasant fragrance and are attributed to relaxing and anxiolytic effects. Always choose high-quality oils, 100% certified organic and free of synthetic compounds. Take a look at Awaken My Senses online shop for a selection of the very finest organic and wildcrafted essential oils. The ecological essential oil offers a wide variety of high-quality oils and has all the environmental certificates.

Organic lavender essential oil:

lavender essential oil

It is the most used oil, especially for its aroma. In an ambient diffuser, it releases a pleasant, relaxing aroma. You can also achieve this relaxing effect by applying a few drops in a bath with warm water. Another outstanding feature is its moisturizing effect when applied to freshly washed skin. As with all essential oils, it should be involved in small quantities.

Ecological eucalyptus essential oil:

This essential oil is used as a remedy against a cough. As an antitussive, it is best to inhale it dispersed in the environment. It is also a good mosquito repellent. It is a natural remedy against halitosis, ideal for making toothpaste and homemade mouthwashes.

Organic lemon essential oil:

lemon essential oil

Its fresh fragrance makes it the ideal air freshener. Many properties have been attributed to its aroma such as the ability to lift the spirit. Mixed with bicarbonate and honey is very useful to combat acne. Lemon essential oil from branded manufacturers has green certification.

Organic tea tree essential oil:

tea tree essential oil

The tea tree is an Australian bush. The Australian aborigines already used their essential oil for many purposes. Its most widespread use is as an anti-lice lotion, as it is a natural louse repellent. It is also mosquito repellent. A few drops in the detergent box of the washing machine will improve the smell of our laundry. Organic tea tree essential oil 100% pure and natural, are extracted by steam distillation.

Rosemary organic essential oil:

Rosemary essential oil has an exquisite aroma. Its inhalation causes a calming effect, which is ideal after a long day of work. Another time in which rosemary is perfect is after intense physical exercise. Applied on the skin also has a powerful moisturizing effect.

Conclusion: Bergamot eco-friendly essential oil:

Bergamot is extracted from the skin of a type of bitter Asian orange. It has a pleasant citrus aroma, which helps to fight the bad smell in the home. To its aroma have been attributed tranquillizing properties ideal to combat insomnia. The renaissance organic essential oils line offers this expensive and delicate essential oil. These are some of the essential oils that you can choose to make your mood right again.

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