This is one of the most asked questions in the car owner’s community. Whether you should buy a hatchback or a sedan depends on many factors. If you’re a car owner already and you’re looking for your second or third car, then you probably have an idea of what you want. However, for first-time car buyers, this is no easy decision. Thus, make no mistake and do enough research and consider all your requirements and priorities before deciding on one. To make your job a little bit easier, here are some tips for you –

1. What’s important for you, practicality or ride quality?

A hatchback would be overall a more practical choice for every terrain, weather, and location. The compactness and maneuverability a hatchback offers would be very beneficial for busy city traffic and cramped parking spaces. However, if you consider the ride quality and comfort, nothing matches a sedan, provided you’re driving it in the right terrain. If you’re someone who needs to hustle in the morning traffic to get to work, a hatchback should be a no-brainer for you. On the other hand, if a weekend long-drive on the highway were your priority, a sedan would be just the right pick for you.

2. Performance or mileage, the age-old dilemma:

If going from point A to point B is the main reason you’re buying a car, if a car is nothing but another tool for you which meant to save time and simplify your life – you should go for a hatchback. It could also save you a significant amount of money with the increase in gas prices. However, if you are a car enthusiast and if the number of sheer horsepower makes your adrenaline rush, a sedan should be your choice!

3. Are you a first-time car buyer?

If you are buying a car for the first time, a hatchback would be a preferred choice in most cases. Most first-time car buyers are still learners and picking a used car for sale is a safe option. How often have you seen an “L” mark on the rear glass of a sedan? Hardly, right? A hatchback would be ideal for them because it is more user-friendly, more maneuverable and offers more sight on the road. And in case of scratch, dent, collision, accident, etc., a hatchback would be less costly to repair than a sedan.

However, if you’re an avid driver or this is not your first car, a sedan could be a better fit. Nevertheless, it’s not for everyone; there’s an old saying, “you do not own a sedan, you earn it.” So, if you think you still need to go further miles before you “earn” a sedan, do yourself a favor and buy a hatchback instead.

4. Family matters too:

If you have children and weekly hangouts with your family are one of your priorities, then a sedan would be the better option with larger space for minimum four people, better safety, better on-road comfort, and ample boot space for your belongings. A hatchback would be more suited for solo driving.

5. Do you count how many heads turned?

A hatchback would never be able to keep up with the snob value as a sedan does. A sedan would earn more “respect” on the road, on a parking spot, in society, in the eyes of a valet, among your colleagues in the office, or the parents in the school when you go to pick your kid. Depending on the brand and model, a sedan would turn more heads and drop more jaws than the hatchback. That doesn’t mean a hatchback won’t be able to impress people. In fact, there is a particular segment named “premium hatchback” which has similar, if not more, road presence. However, they are often more costly than a sedan and lacks safety and ride quality a sedan can offer in the lower price range.

While you can do all your research, getting feedback from a qualified professional is always ideal. If you are looking for an expert, Car switch is one of the most reputed car dealers for used cars for sale in Abu Dhabi.

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