How to Research and Find a Reliable Used Car Dealership

Used Car Dealership

The market for used cars in the UAE is rapidly growing.  Most times buying a used car is not as straightforward as buying a new car. There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing the right car for you.

Finding cars for sale in Dubai is not very difficult, but it is important to narrow down on a reliable dealership that caters to your need rather than theirs. With numerous dealerships in the market, we’ll help you figure out how to find a reliable used car dealership.

Online reviews:

If this is your first time buying used car chances are you have decided on the model and make of your car and now you just need to find the right dealership to give you a good deal. One of the best places to start looking is the internet. Nowadays most of the dealerships are listed online, they usually have their own website on which you can browse the car models they have for sale. Most websites also provide customer reviews which are helpful in deciding whether to go ahead with that particular dealership or not.

Friends and family:

A lot of us like to confer with our friends and family before making important decisions and buying a car, second-hand or new, is an important decision. Talking to friends and family who have sold or bought used cars is a great place to start your research. Talk to two or three of them and compare notes on the extra services they provide, their customer service, efficiency, quality of the vehicle and then you can decide on which dealership to go with.

Established dealerships:

The car dealerships that offer quality services are likely to build better relationships with their customers and therefore out beat the competition and will have been around longer. So along with your other research, take into account how well established the dealership you are looking at is. Chances are the longer they have been around, the better the quality of service.

The fast-talking salesmen:

We have all encountered at least one fast-talking salesman in our lifetime. Most times it’s easy to be taken in by the sweet deals, but a lot of times it turns out to be a case of penny wise pound foolish. So whatever discount, warranty or insurance your salesman is offering you, make sure you get it in writing so that he cannot back out from it at a later point. Also, test drives the car and get it thoroughly inspected before finalizing on your decision.

Add Ons:

So you’re ready to seal the deal but you also need to sort out the car’s insurance and maybe arrange for some finance also. Other than just selling you a car, a lot of dealerships offer service warranties, insurance and sometimes financing. So, it’s like a one stop shop and it makes life that much easier for the buyer. If that sounds like a more efficient way to get the job done, then a dealership that offers you all these benefits will be one of the deciding factors in your final choice.

Customer Service:

You’ve often heard the term ‘Customer is king’ and that holds true when buying a second-hand car too. Choose a dealership that takes care of everything for you, from the inspection of the car down to every detail until you drive it home.

Down payments:

A good car dealership will not usually ask for a large down payment up front. If they do, then they’re probably not the right dealership for you. Since customer service is key to these dealerships, they will assist you in getting the car you want while making the experience as smooth as possible.

We hope that these tips help you in making an informed decision when you choose your dealership.

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