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Do this when your Committee Members are Terrible at The Job

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

When organizing an event, you need to form a Committee. You want to ensure that everyone does a great job. You can’t do everything alone, so you decide to have a team behind you. It also helps reduce the burden on your shoulders. The problem is when the person you assigned to do certain tasks isn’t doing well.

A committee can be one of the most fruitful tools that an organization has for goal accomplishment. Committees are also necessary to the work of an association, allowing work to get done in the most effective manner. But organizations can also be especially time sucks, eating up innumerable hours while not performing much.

Before things get worse, these are some of the things you need to do.

Things to Do When Your Committee Members are Terrible at Their Job:

Confront that person


There’s no easy way to deal with the problem other than being honest about it. You don’t want the entire event to fail because of one irresponsible Committee member. Or You can ask that person to do a better job or leave the team. You can still find a replacement if the event is a few days away.

The Management Committee must place out what it sees as the duties of staff or missionaries and the limits of authorized decision-making authorization. Always keep in mind the crucial distinction between governance and administration.

Provide constructive criticism

Provide constructive criticism

When there are details that you dislike, you have to be honest, but positively. You can’t just complain that the work is terrible without explaining what’s wrong. Some people might already know that they’re doing a bad job, but they choose to work that way. Others come up with terrible results, but they have no idea. In their minds, they were doing well. If you tell them that the output is dissatisfying, it could have a long-lasting scar on that person. You might not even expect that person to help out in the future.

Determine who is liable for what and whatever the timelines are. The manager must record all-time support to make assured all activity items are taken concern of and reflected upon.

Reshuffle the team

Reshuffle the team

Another reason why your Committee members aren’t doing well is that you assigned someone to the wrong job. You need to check the team again and decide which tasks would be suitable for specific people. You might have asked a highly qualified artist to be a team leader when that person prefers working alone. Even You might have asked a collaborative member to work individually on a task. Both of them will fail at what they’re doing. You need to understand the strengths of every member and use them to your advantage.

You require members who have been thoughtfully selected. They should be selected with the following question in mind: What responsibilities are the committee accountable for and who among our portions possess the skills and knowledge needed to accomplish those duties? Balance the needs and necessities of the committee and the abilities, knowledge, and benefits of planned committee members.

Have a general meeting

general meeting

Although you distribute the tasks to small committees, it doesn’t mean you can’t call for a big meeting. It helps to touch base with all the members. Everyone needs to know what’s going on so they can also answer questions from people outside the organizing committee. During the meeting, you can point out some issues that you noticed and allow the specific committees to respond. Perhaps, there’s a good explanation that you need to understand. Another reason for doing the meeting is to showcase the great job that some members are doing. It could help motivate others to step up and do a better job. They don’t want to end up feeling like a failure because they didn’t do as well as the others.

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