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4 Clear Advantages of VoIP Every Small Business Should Know About

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read March 19, 2019

advantages of voip

You’ve developed a mobile app for your business, know that your company website loads on mobile devices and you check your personal cellphone countless times a day.

So why are you still using a traditional landline when it comes to your office phone?

It’s time you made the switch to a VoIP — Voice Over Internet Protocol — phone system. This allows you to make calls from multiple devices, including your cell phone or even a desktop computer, over the Internet.

What are the advantages of VoIP?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

1. Serious Productivity Boosts:

Companies lose over $62 million each year because of poor communication.

A VoIP phone system streamlines office and client communication, vastly increasing productivity.

No more dropped calls, phone tag that stretches out over days, and crossed wires between your clients and employee.

This is especially thanks to the data integration options and advantages of VoIP like voicemail transcripts sent via email and the ability to send messages on social media.

Some VoIP systems can even allow you to monitor the number of calls and time on the phone your employees make. Knowing you’re watching will certainly lead to an increase in productivity.

2. Simple Call Transferring:

Call Transferring

VoIP phone systems make it easy for clients and employees to reach you anywhere you have Internet access.

After 5:00, you can set up your system so that it sends business calls directly to your cellphone.

This makes VoIP phone systems especially valuable for companies with a large remote workforce, or even international or out-of-state clients.

3. Higher Customer Satisfaction:

What is VoIP good for if it’s not improving your overall customer satisfaction and retention rates?

VoIP phones make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you on their schedules. They ensure that you have a record of your past conversations, in some cases even recording them.

Customers can avoid talking to robots, and will be immediately connected to the department or representative they need. You can even invest in outsourced virtual call centers that answer questions 24/7 when you can’t.

4. Competitive Cost Savings:

You already have many useless expenses costing your company money every year.

Your phone system shouldn’t be one of them.

One of the top VoIP phone benefits is that you pay a flat rate for your phone service every month. This is true even if you’re making numerous long distances calls and have high call volumes.

Plus, it’s easy to scale your services, so you can add another line in minutes — often, right from your computer.

See the Advantages of VoIP for Yourself:

The advantages of VoIP allow you to save money and better serve your clients.

This post likely has you thinking about the other tech tools that could help you to grow your business.

Our blog is here to help you learn more about the latest technology that allows you to spend more time selling and less time downloading, updating, and doing manual data entry.

Rely on us to help your business outshine your competitors.

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