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Mobile Gesture Testing
Mobile Gesture Testing With Appium On LambdaTest

A few years ago, end users could access the Internet and use multiple applications only through desktop computers. However, with the improvement of technology and the rising demand for portability, various mobile devices like smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets have come….

BY Debamalya Mukherjee
5G UC: The True Meaning Behind This Phone Icon!

Are you searching for the meaning of 5G UC? If your answer to this question is a YES, then you have reached just the right place. The top smartphones available today all support 5G, so there’s a strong possibility you’ve….

BY Ankita Tripathy
How To Find A Good Huawei Promotion To Save Money

Huawei has a reputation for making high-quality yet affordable smartphones. This is why if there is a Huawei promotion, you should immediately grab the opportunity. This is your chance to save even more money with a nice gadget. You’re probably….

BY Arina Smith
Message blocking is active
How To Fix "Message Blocking Is Active" On Android And IOS In 2021

Do you know what message blocking is active refers to? When your phone  (iOS or Android) displays this pop-up, it means that your phone is unable to send messages. Or, it may also signify that by any chance, the recipient….

BY Mashum
How To Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset
How To Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset?

We all have me across a situation where we have forgotten our Android phone’s password. At that moment, we don’t have any other option left apart from factory reset – right? However, some more hacks unlock your phone’s password and….

BY Subham Saha
Why should you have an App Developed for your Business?

We put in maximum efforts to augment our profits. In fact, there is a tough fight for survival and only those who are able to defeat competition by means of superb apps are able to survive in the race. Now,….

BY Arun Goyal
Glass Screen
Best Tips To Buy Screen Protector Tempered Glass for Your iPhone

The screen of the smartphone features highly sensitive and fragile. Therefore, empower your smart screen with a protector and tempered glass to avoid a hard time. No doubt, nothing could be so effective to prevent your smartphone screen from scratches,….

BY Edwin smith