Car accidents happen almost every day.

As per the NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 6,00,000 accidents have been reported in the last year. So, we can say that, on average, over 18,000 accidents happen on an everyday basis.

The most relieving part is that most of them are minor accidents.

Apart from the severity of the accident, both the victims and insurance companies always want to know a critical factor, and that is;

Who is liable for the accident?

To be honest, insurance companies always want to avoid paying or pay as little as they can. And in order to do this, they always try to prove that the opposite party is at fault completely or partially for the accident.

While an accident might seem pretty straightforward, insurance companies will always try really hard to find some way in order to spin it in their favor.

You might not have done anything wrong or were following all the traffic rules, and suddenly a vehicle collided with your car. In this accident, the other car will be held responsible for the accident.

This might seem a pretty simple one. But in case you were driving while drinking, the insurance company will get an opportunity to spin the case in their favor as it can be considered a DUI.

You might avoid a DUI block while driving back home, but you can not avoid the truth that you were driving intoxicated.

Some Common Car Accident Scenarios

Usually, there are different types of car accident scenarios. Knowing these scenarios will help you to understand or determine who is at fault for the accident. Here, we will now talk about that.

Car Accident Scenario 1: Rear-End Collision

This type of accident is one of the most straightforward accidents. It happens when a vehicle runs into another vehicle from behind. In a read-end accident, the front end of the trailing vehicle and the end of the leading vehicle is involved.

This type of accident is one of the most common accidents. And in most cases, the trailing driver is the at-fault party. This particular scenario happens so frequently that the investigator or the insurance party thinks that the rear driver is responsible for the accident.

However, the front driver also can be held responsible in case they have crossed a DUI Block. Here, you will need a car accident lawyer to prove that you are not at fault.

Car Accident Scenario 2: Left-Turn Accident

Left-turn accidents can be really dangerous, as here the driver needs to turn in front of oncoming traffic. In case the driver turns left and that too at a green light, they have to drive to oncoming traffic. It says that the individual who is driving must wait until they are getting enough room for turning.

Here, the drivers become impatient and take a left turn by taking risks. In the same scenario, a more experienced and patient driver will always wait for a large window so that no casualty happens.

In order to prove that the turning driver did not have enough room, you will need an experienced car accident lawyer.

Things To Do After A Car Accident

When you meet with a car accident, you are required to take care of a number of things. Here is a guide for you.

  • Call the police first.
  • Wait till the police come.
  • Make a report of the accident.
  • Take contact details of the driver and the insurance company.
  • Talk with the witnesses.
  • No contact details of the witnesses.
  • Seek medical treatment.
  • Hire a lawyer.

To Conclude

Anyone can be responsible for a car accident. In order to prove your innocence and hold the other party responsible for the accident, you must ensure that you have hired the best accident lawyer.

The lawyer will take care of everything and will also ensure that you are not making a single mistake and getting the claim you actually deserve.

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