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Common Reasons Small Businesses Lose Regular Patrons

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Regular Patrons

Losing regular patrons is just about the worst thing that can happen to any small business. Since these enterprises often rely on the support of repeat customers, a noticeable downtick in regular patrons is likely to be felt – and hard.

Fortunately, there are a number of easy and effective measures you can take to improve customer retention and make patrons feel valued.

However, before these measures can be implemented, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with some of the most common reasons for which customers abandon businesses.

They Aren’t Kept in the Loop

 They Aren’t Kept in the Loop

In the digital age, all of us are consuming more information than ever before. And thanks to social media, we’re able to stay abreast of what’s going on with our favorite brands and businesses.

In other words, modern consumers like to be kept in the loop, and when businesses make no effort to accommodate them in this regard, it doesn’t exactly foster trust. The way they see it, their continued support of their top businesses entitles them to know what’s happening within those businesses.

You can avoid this problem by taking numerous measures to keep both current and prospective patrons in the know. For starters, create accounts for your business on the web’s most popular social platforms and update them on a daily basis.

Furthermore, make a point of providing prompt responses to any questions sent your way via social media. Depending on the size of your business’s social media following and the scope of your social media-based marketing endeavors, hiring a dedicated social media manager may be a worthwhile investment.

You can also keep customers up to date by penning a regular blog or digital newsletter. Both of these options will enable you to craft long-form messages and feature articles designed to inform and entertain your target audience. If you don’t fancy yourself much a wordsmith and don’t have any gifted scribes on staff, reach out to dependable freelance writers and content creators. 

If you’re looking to send customers a message that’s too long for social media and too short for a newsletter, consider using mass texting software. This software will enable you to instantly send texts to every patron who’s provided you with their phone number, thus ensuring that you’re able to convey pertinent information in a timely and stress-free manner.

They’re Never Shown Appreciation

 They’re Never Shown Appreciation

You have every reason to be grateful to your customers. Without them, staying afloat for even a few short months would likely prove impossible. So, when it comes to expressing gratitude to patrons, too much is infinitely preferable to too little.

At the very least, this means conducting yourself in a courteous and approachable manner during every customer interaction and ending each interaction by offering your sincerest thanks.

We all like feeling appreciated, both in personal relationships and business situations. And the more appreciated we feel, the more likely we are to stick around long-term. As such, showing gratitude to your customers is a win/win situation.

Making them feel valued increases your chances of receiving their business in the future, meaning that a little appreciation can foster long-term gains.    

They Never Receive Apologies

They Never Receive Apologies

Some businesses are extremely hesitant to offer apologies for mistakes on their end – and some are opposed to the idea altogether.

Needless to say, customers find such behavior anything but endearing. If you regularly refuse to provide apologies, minimize customers’ grievances, or try to frame your mistakes as theirs, your odds of generating repeat business aren’t great.

No one likes dealing with people who are incapable of admitting their own mistakes – and this is doubly true in customer service situations. So, rather than get huffy or defensive the next time a customer comes to you about a mistake on your end, offer up a sincere apology and a promise to make things right.

The loss of patrons means the loss of revenue – and the loss of revenue is liable to mean the loss of your business. Although many businesses fail to show them due to appreciation, regular customers are the lifeblood of every enterprise.

As such, strong customer retention rates should be among the foremost priorities of every business owner looking to ensure long-term profitability. To help ensure that customers keep coming back, steer clear of the behaviors discussed above.

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