6 Common Brake Problems And How To Solve Them

car Brake Problems

We all love our cars and of course, want it to perform at its very best. Sometimes even the littlest of matters can become a huge cause of concern if it’s not looked at properly. Car brakes being one of them. Car braking systems have many parts and components that need to be replaced every couple of years. It becomes imperative that you keep an eye out for leaks, noises and soft braking pedals in your car and do its inspection on a regular basis.

You don’t have to be a pro to figure out signs that your car brakes are due for some much-needed servicing. Sometimes it could just be some harmless noise that can clearly be dealt with a simple fix. In this post, we look to inform our readers about six common car brakes problems and how to get them fixed:

1. Squealing noises:

This is one of the most common problems faced by motorists with their cars. If your car hasn’t had any problems in braking then its most likely the fault of dirt being accumulated on the brake pads. If brake pads are causing trouble then the best way to resolve this is to get them cleaned. You can do this with the use of sandpaper or by rubbing it against emery paper, whichever one is more feasible. If the squealing noises are too loud or have metal scratching sounds then its time to get the brake pads changed. Brembo brake pads in the market today come equipped with sensors and indicators letting drivers know when to get that fixed.

2. Soft brake pedals:

car Brake Problems

If your car brake feels spongy or too soft whilst driving then it’s a classic telltale sign of an imminent brake failure waiting to happen soon. A sign not to be taken lightly in any manner. A soft brake pedal largely means there is some internal or external leak in the vehicle’s braking system, most probably the master cylinder. You can check this on your own by checking the brake fluids but in any case, do visit your mechanic or the nearest service center to get your vehicle checked.The only way to deal with a faulty master cylinder is to get it checked and replaced as soon as possible. Brembo brakes meet all the required industry standards to deliver you the best products.

3. One-sided braking:

If your car has been veering to one side whilst braking then well, you ought to get this checked on priority. This problem can be caused by many different reasons with the most obvious one being a frozen caliper. This can happen due to a number of reasons like the piston being stuck in its bore or it getting bet during high-pressure braking or the caliper freezing due to the slide pins losing their lubrication. In any case, your car needs a new brake caliper. Looking for good automobile experts in your vicinity? Then be sure to take a look and try the new kwik fit promotions 2018. Kwik fit has a team of highly trained professional experts that can tend to every car need of yours.

4. Shaky steering wheel:

Steering wheel shakes is a very common phenomenon regardless of a vehicle’s make and model. This could happen due to different reasons like warped front rotors, problems on your rotors due to excessive heat, pad impressions etc. An easy and quick fix is to have your rotors resurfaced by your service center or mechanic. This will be light in your pocket and you can go along on your normal business. If you are to change it then it could turn out to be a costly affair. A mechanic will usually check your rotors for a minimum spec of thickness which he checks via the help of a micrometer.

5. Pulsating brake pedals:

car Brake Problems

If you are facing a problem with your brake pedals pulsating every time you apply the brakes, then be sure to pay your mechanic a visit. A pulsating brake pedal is usually the reason due to the rotors being out of tune or being warped at max. Your vehicle’s rotor goes through a lot of friction over time so it’s more than normal for them to get bent out of shape. A simple fix is to get the rotors resurfaced of the brake parts but if it looks bad then it would do well to get them replaced completely.

6. Pedals sinking to the floor:

A worn out master cylinder or a leak in the hydraulics can be attributed to your car’s pedal sinking to the floor. A brake wear problem often causes the brake pedal to not function properly when you hit the brakes. If this is happening on a continuous basis then better get this checked at your local service center and ensure that any leaks in the car’s hydraulic system are checked. If the problem goes beyond repairing then getting the worn out master cylinder replaced is a better option.

Figuring out brake problems in your car is not a humongous task and can be done by almost everyone. However, do make it a point to service your car on a regular basis though.

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