6 Bike Riding Tips for Women Bike Riders

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Bike Riding Tips

Women are taking to riding bikes not just for utility but also to enjoy the beautiful scenic horizons, and for adventure on tough terrains and roads. They have become curious about exploring the world and creating lasting memories. Women riders generally concentrate on their wearables and appearances more while setting out for a ride. However, safety is a priority while riding a vehicle and especially a two-wheeler. Here are six riding tips for women bikers.

Riding Tips for Female Bike Riders

Riding Tips for Female Bike Riders

1. Protective gear:

All-inclusive safety gear is a priority while riding a bike. A full-face helmet covering the head as well as the front portion of the face and the eyes are extremely important. A protective jacket suitable for different weather conditions with detachable layers and riding pants will ensure an extra shield.

Also, make sure you wear knee and elbow guards with a proper fit to stay protected. Before you set out for the ride, you should always ensure if the complete protective gear fits you well so that there is no discomfort while riding.

2. Bike fit:

Getting the bike fit right is important for a comfortable riding experience for women riders. Good bikes have been designed to fit different types of riders. You can get the assistance of expert riders to choose the vehicle based on the length of your limbs and body height to adjust a comfortable frame.

If the seat’s height is too high or too low for your body, it will set a faulty alignment leading to an imbalance while riding.

3. Start with a small bike:

3. Start with a small bike:

If you are a beginner rider, you have to start with a small bike. It will help you strike the right balance and help you learn the basics of riding on different terrains. If you choose a heavy bike initially, it might strain your muscles leading to internal injuries.

Also, learn simple mechanics associated with a small bike to handle any small repairs to save yourself under uncertain conditions. You can relate it to a bigger version of the bike that you get later to protect yourself during an emergency.

4. Comfortable clothing:

Wearing comfortable clothing is a priority. Tight or loose-fitting clothes can distract your concentration while riding due to discomfort. Hard fabrics fitting tight on your body can make you sweat and let you lose a lot of energy. Loose-fitting clothes can flap around your body, drawing your attention causing an imbalance. When it comes to shoes, make sure you create additional support with good insoles for hard surfaces.

5. Tie your hair:

Women riders could expect wind in their hair to feel the air. However, it is one of the most prominent reasons for major accidents. Free hair can get into your eyes and distract the riding due to an imbalance.

It can also cause discomfort when you have to push it back every now and then.

6. Stay hydrated:

6. Stay hydrated:

Nutrition and staying hydrated are two other important aspects women riders should keep in mind. It is very common for riders to feel drained out. Thus, a simple diet with nutritious fruits and vegetables will help you stay strong and confident throughout the ride.

Also, drinking a good amount of water can help you stay hydrated, and improve your focus. You can always pack and carry food to have it at frequent intervals and make sure you don’t feel full.

Get a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy

Despite the precautions, mishaps do occur. Therefore, purchasing bike insurance as a safety measure is a must.

The Motor Vehicles Act in India mandates at least a third-party two-wheeler insurance for every vehicle. Tata AIG bike insurance provides many features that you can customize as per your needs. You can use the two-wheeler insurance premium calculator online and calculate the bike insurance cost. Bike insurance renewal is also possible online.

Make sure to purchase a comprehensive bike insurance policy that offers the mandatory third-party cover, along with coverage for own damage and the owner-driver. You can also choose from a range of bike insurance add-ons that cover specific circumstances. As a biker, you are regularly riding through unknown terrains and a Roadside Assistance Cover sounds like the perfect add-on to your bike insurance policy.

Additionally, if you have a luxury bike make sure to purchase a Zero Depreciation Cover that eliminates the calculation of depreciation when settling your claims.

Finally, if you regularly have a pillion rider with you, get a Pillion Rider Cover to insure their lives and/or injuries as well.


Riding a bike is a fantastic experience for women riders. It gives them freedom and a sense of control along with pulsating adventure on long rides. As commonly seen, women riders concentrate more on their style and appearance to feel confident while riding.

However, safety is a primary aspect that women riders should focus on for a comfortable riding experience. It can be attributed to getting the right bike fit, starting with a small vehicle and practicing with protective gear.

In addition, wearing comfortable clothing, tying your hair, and staying hydrated will ensure a safe and cozy long journey. Also, ensure to purchase two-wheeler insurance online cost-effectively to add an extra layer of protection.

Renew 2-wheeler insurance promptly and within the time stipulated by your insurance company to stay stress-free for finances in case of an unexpected accident. Be prepared, ride safe, and stay focused to enjoy your bike trip!

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