The safety of a car ride greatly depends on the condition of a vehicle’s braking system. If the car brakes are not working properly, you may not be able to slow down or stop the car when needed and this may result in an accident. Therefore, you must keep a proper check on the working and the overall condition of your car brakes. Remember that they require periodic replacement and there will be several signs indicating that your car brakes need a maintenance check.

Now the big question is how to identify that there is a need for car brake replacement.  This is generally determined by the make and model of the vehicle as well as the distance that it has been driven. Ideally, industry estimates say that the brakes need a replacement every 20000-60000 miles. However, there are no rigid rules for mileage estimates and everything depends greatly on the way the vehicle is driven and the wear and tear it causes to the braking system. Here are some symptoms that indicate that you should consider a car brake replacement sooner rather than later.

Braking Troubles :

A common symptom that warrants a replacement is difficulty in breaking such as the need to apply additional pressure to bring the car to a halt. Such a situation augurs a brake fluid leak. Further, if you see a small puddle of brake fluid beneath the car, it confirms that a thorough check is needed. Sudden vibrations while pressing the brake pedal is a sign of warped rotors. Another form of braking trouble is that the car pulls during braking. If it happens towards one side, it dedicates that the brake lining is wearing unevenly. A brake adjustment or fluid replacement may be enough to resolve this problem.

Screeching Sound :

If you hear a screeching sound while pressing the brake pedal, it is a warning that you should pay heed to. Some models are even equipped with an indicator which gives a warning sound to alarm the owner about the need for replacing the brake pads.

Grinding Noise :

Another symptom that indicates damage to the car brakes is a grinding noise. This type of sound is noticed when the metal parts rub together, probably due to the worn out brake pads that rub into the rotors.

Visible Signs :

Besides these weird sounds and movements, there are some visible signs that you should watch out for. For instance, a periodic visual inspection of the brake pads is required to verify wear issues. They should have an optimal thickness to ensure car safety otherwise a replacement is the best option.

Further Inspection :

A further inspection from an expert professional is required to check whether you need to replace immediately or if it can wait for a little. Damaged or missing parts, defective linings and drums, leak and inadequate fluid level and defective disc pads or rotors are some situations in which they will insist on the immediate replacement. If you want to know more about brake replacement, this blog post explains how it is done.

Timely brake replacement is an investment that no car owner should cringe at and neither should they ignore it. After all, it determines the safety of your car and life.

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