We live in a world where the environment is becoming an increasingly important concern. The simple fact is that many of our everyday activities damage the environment and that is not good for the planet we all live on.

While governments can and should be making policies that reduce the number of emissions produced by industries, there are steps that individuals can take to help reduce the damage and keep our planet healthy for future generations.

In fact, choosing to purchase a bike from a reputable dealer, such as this specialist in KTM motorcycles Sydney, is a step in the right direction. Motorcycles have smaller engines than cars and are much lighter. These two factors combine to provide fuel efficiency and produce less carbon dioxide emissions. Of course, you can go a step further with this and choose an electric motorcycle.

But, helping to save the planet is not the only way that motorcycles are presenting a unique and viable solution to current problems.


Every year more cars appear on the roads. Most families have two cars and their children now have a car each. The result is a rapid increase in car numbers. This has increased the congestion on the road and made average journey times longer.

Of course, this isn’t an issue if you have a motorcycle. They are not affected by congestion as they can glide through the traffic, much to the annoyance of car drivers.


Motorcycles come in a huge array of sizes and styles. This means there is something that will appeal to everyone and everyone’s ability level.

More importantly, their adaptability means that you can choose a motorcycle for the route you are taking and be confident that it will make the journey. Most cars, even 4x4’s will not do well off-road. But, off-road motorcycles have no problem on almost any terrain. Just as the touring bike will comfortably take you great distances across highways.

In short, there is a perfect motorcycle for every occasion, the same cannot always be said for a car.

Electric Options:

Motorcycles are generally seen as less polluting than cars which is part of the reason why electric bikes have been slower to hit the market. But, this unique solution to motorcycling will allow motorcycles to move into the future, retaining the thrill of riding a bike while looking after the environment.

The technology is still in its infancy but there is little doubt that it will become better and electric bikes may even become faster than the current combustion engine versions.

It is also important to note that motorcycles are generally cheaper to purchase than cars, making them a more affordable solution for many people. Of course, the fact that it is hard to beat the feeling of riding a motorcycle does play a part in people seeing motorcycles as a unique and viable solution to transport issues in the future.

Perhaps it is time you took a look at the motorcycles on offer and switched vehicles, knowing that you are playing a small part in saving the planet.

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