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Troubleshooting with Proxy Server: Best solutions

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read April 9, 2021

Proxy Server

If you are experiencing any issues with your proxy servers, you should first check the internet connection and whether your browser extensions result in those issues.

Sometimes it makes sense to try using a proxy on different devices to find out if some particular device causes problems and fix them after doing so.

Moreover, one of the frequent issues is an inability to access certain sites. Oftentimes, proxies don’t connect at all.

No Connection:

While checking the connection you may find some more serious issues. In such cases, you won’t be able to check the proxy properly because of the lack of connection. To resolve this glitch you need to know where it’s coming from. There could be error messages informing about some particular browser type.

Issues With Windows OS:

Your operating system displays certain types of errors, it all hinges on the particular type:

  • No connection on the whole;
  • No connection in browser (Firefox, Opera, etc.);
  • No WiFI connection;
  • Fixing these issues is a no-brainer, as a rule. If the system informs you of the error relating to your browser, try to reconfigure the settings then. If it’s no use, try to delete or reinstall some of the browser extensions. If your browser has no issues whatsoever, then check your connection. Turn off and on the router, or unplug the internet cable, then wait a little bit.

Proxy Server Issues:

  • Proxy servers, especially free ones are liable to security breaches and prone to be infected with malicious software. So, your privacy could be at risk. Free proxy providers don’t get any benefit out of users, that’s why they might try to get access to their personal data. So, privacy is a question here, as well as getting protection from a proxy server, in such case, the app contains ransomware or something.
  • There’s no silver bullet in relation to solving all kinds of problems with proxy servers.

Professional Proxy Services:

Professional services are usually the paid ones. They provide their users with customer support that helps to solve any problems that may arise.

OnlineSIM offers reliable proxies that guarantee you no bans and captures 99% of the time.

  • You can choose from the list of 500 mobile carriers and providers from over 150 countries around the globe;
  • The targeting option is configured up to the city level;
  • There are more than 60 million IP addresses;
  • You can try a proxy for free or pay for the service. Mobile rotating proxy of OnlineSIM connects to mobile carriers, which guarantees a high level of anonymity and trust;
  • The IP addresses change at every launch.

OnlineSIM support team can solve any problem and fix anything that goes wrong. And yes, nobody can deny the fact that there are potential issues involved that could interrupt the connection but nevertheless OnlineSIM delivers on their promise of a smooth experience.

Proxy servers are a powerful tool that anonymizes your internet browsing. But now and then some issues might arise. The root of the problem may be the browser or the device platform.

In rare cases, websites block particular IP addresses. You can minimize the risk issues by using the trustworthy services of reputed companies like OnlineSIM.

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