PDFBear online platform is free and easy to use. This online platform is safe and secured and protects the privacy of your documents while keeping the quality they produce at its best. With PDFBear, you can manage your PDF documents using their conversion tool, merging tool, splitting tool, compression tool, and so on.

PDFBear also allows you to add page numbers, e-signature, attach watermarks, add passwords or unlock a PDF file. PDFBear is available on any device such as your smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. They also support all major Operating Systems such as Windows, iOS, macOS, and Linux. This article will show you five essential tools you can utilize with PDFBear.

Adding Page Numbers to PDF:

Page numbers are essential to documents, especially when you present them to other people. Locating the pages will be much easier when you add page numbers to them. Your documents would also have formality when presenting or sharing them with others giving your work a professional and intelligent outcome.

To add page numbers to PDF with PDFBear, the first is to select the file or drag and drop them to the platform. PDFBear will then scan your document and let you organize how and where to add the page numbers. You can also indicate that the first page is the cover page of the document.

Once done, you can download the PDF file or save it on the cloud or send it directly via email.

Adding Watermarks to PDF:

Watermarks are faded texts or images on the background of your documents. Watermarks can add integrity to your documents, making them difficult to copy or manipulated by other people. These will personalize your documents giving other people the trust when you share your documents with them.

When you add watermarks to your PDF documents with PDFBear, the first is to select the file or drag and drop them to the platform. PDFBear will let you add your personal watermark or add text and images from the site. You can edit the size, style, and fade when you add your watermarks. Once done, you can download the file or save it on the cloud or send it via email.

Converting to PDF:

Converting your files to PDF will make your documents viewable by many people hassle-free. Converted documents will most likely be challenging to be edited out or copied by other people since PDF formats are more protected than the different types of formats such as Word, Excel, PPT, JPGs, and HTML.

Converting your documents to PDF with PDFBear is easy. To convert your Word and Excel files, you only have to select the field into the conversion box. To convert PPT and JPGs, you can either select the slides or images or drag and drop them into the conversion box.

To convert HTML, you only have to copy and paste your link to their conversion box. Then you can download the PDF file once done or save it on the cloud or send them via email.

Merging Tool:

Merging several PDFs into a single PDF file will save much storage space on your device. Attaching and sending them through email will also be easier and faster. Also, your documents would be more organized since they are easier to locate. These are some of the advantages when you combine your PDFs into one.

To merge your PDF documents, you only have to select the files or drag and drop them to the platform. PDFBear will then scan the documents and will start the margin. Once the process is done, you can download the PDF document or save it on the cloud or send the PDf document directly through email.

Protect PDF:

You can protect your PDF documents by embedding passwords to them. Locking your PDF will be safer and secured from unauthorized access, being copied, or manipulated. With PDFBear, your password-protected documents will be hard to crack since they use 256-Bit Encryption.

When you add a password to your PDF file, the first is to upload the document into their system. PDFBear will scan your document and will ask you to input a password, then click “Encrypt PDF.” Once done, your PDF-protected file will be available for download, and you can save it on the cloud.


PDFBear online platform offers safe and secure tools you can utilize anywhere at any time. You can also subscribe to their PRO membership to use their tool for unlimited time and have the best quality of your documents possible.

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