If you own a Shepadoodle, you must know the major facts that are related to this breed. Shepadoodle is not a mutt but a hybrid that is produced by crossing Standard Poodles with German Shepherd dogs. 

These dogs are created to be a low shedding dogs. Both the breeds from which these dogs are produced are known as highly intelligent breeds. On the other hand, this dog has its own pros and cons that you must know before keeping it as a pet. 

Shepadoodles originated in the United States, and they are known as the best designer dogs. It is very easy to maintain these dogs, and they are very mature. This is one of the best benefits of having this dog. 

8 Facts About Shepadoodle 


Shepadoodle is a German Shepherd with origin from Germany and is known for being service dog. Moreover, there are three kinds of Shepadoodle: a mini shepadoodle (small in size), a cup doddle that can easily fit in a teacup, and a giant poodle. 

Different generations of poodles combine to get different types of these breed dogs, and this includes:

  • Miniature doodle and a German shepherd mix
  • Black German shepherd and standard poodle mix
  • German shepherd and toy poodle mix

It is believed that having these dogs in the home means that you have a complete security system. These are the most loyal and intelligent dogs that you will ever find. There are some more facts about Shepadoodles that are explained below.

1. They Need Regular Grooming

Those breeds with longer and waiver coats may need regular grooming. However, if you don’t groom them repeatedly, then their coat becomes tangled. 

They also become prone to carry fleas and undergo flea bites if they are not maintained properly. 

2. They Are Prone To Some Health Conditions

Another fact about Shepadoodle is that these breeds are more prone to health conditions than other dogs. This can include blood disorder, hip dysplasia, and much more. 

Besides, the life expectancy of Shepadoodle is twelve to fourteen years. Also, they require various types of training, such as leash training, potty training, nighttime training, exercise training, etc. 

3. They Make Great Family Pets

This breed was developed by the United States for the first time during the 1960s. These dogs were initially developed as service dogs with the US, and now they are regarded as amazing family dogs. 

These dogs love spending time with families and are now known as good dogs for children. 

4. They Come In Various Colors

Another fact about Shepadoodle is that they are available in various colors. However, the pattern and color of this breed of dog are entirely dependent upon the parent’s gene. 

You will find Shepadoodles in a pattern of German Shepherd and other solid colors like a poodle. Some colors may include golden, gray, and black.

5. They Shed Very Little

One of the best benefits of having these dogs is that they shed very little. So, those individuals who hate dog hair and have allergies to the same can keep Shepadoodle. 

On the other hand, the generation of this breed of dogs may vary. The F1B generation is almost non-shed and has a rolled coat. At the same time, the F1 generation has a wavy coat with light shed.

6. This Breed Is Not Recognized By The American Kennel Club

Shepadoodles are not recognized by the American Kennel Club, and this is another truth of this breed. Keep in mind, these dogs are known as hybrid dogs and are not recognized by various registries.

Even the American Canine Hybrid Club doesn’t recognize Shepadoodle. On the other hand, the behaviors of these dogs vary from childhood to adulthood. 

7. They Are Not Good Apartment Dogs 

Individuals who live in apartments don’t keep Shepadoodle as pets. It is because this breed requires lots of space to live in. 

Those people who have large gardens can keep these dogs. Then, they can take these dogs for long walks regularly. Also, they need to groom Shepadoodle puppies daily because their hair becomes tangled repeatedly. 

8. Their Weight Varies Significantly

Another fact about Shepadoodles in 2021 is that their weight varies significantly over time, depending on which of the parent’s genes is dominant.

The weight of this dog breed can vary up to 50 to 90 pounds. At the same time, the weight of some Shepadoodles can reach up to 125 pounds. On the other hand, Shepadoodles are known as designer dogs because these dogs are created from 2 breeds and have obtained the best traits of both. 

The Final Thoughts 

Shepadoodles are common dogs in the United States. These dogs are a great choice for those who have a large garden with huge space. 

Besides, these dogs are mentally mature and intelligent, and they can learn things very easily. Therefore, before keeping these dogs, you must know all the facts about Shepadoodle that are already described above.  

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